[Events] It’s McDonalds celebration of “A Day Offline”

September 28, 2012  |  Events

Last weekend (Saturday Sept 22 2012), I was invited by the people of McDonalds Arabia to introduce their plans and celebrations for their second annual ‘family day’, last year on September 28th it was emphasized that the day would be a “Family Day” in which parents would take a break from their busy schedules and spend time with their neglected children, or even the ones they don’t neglect much.  This year McDonalds Arabia wanted to take it a step further and announced that today would be a “Day Offline” which simply means parents/siblings/everyone would put their mobile phones into the “phone vault” and spend a full day having fun the old fashioned way, remember how we could spend hours if not days without being glued to that computer or mobile?  Well that’s the whole plan.

The meet took place in McDonalds Corniche Branch right there on the Gulf Road.  We were greeted in a special play room area where stations were set with different games in which kids could take a part of, Little Jacqui made her first public appearance there and she literally claimed that all the prizes were hers.  More on Little Jacqui in the next post hopefully.

We then met the Marketing Director Mr. George Khawamm (far left) who took the time to explain that this is not meant as a boycotting ritual and not to be taken literally as a full day offline, the phone vaults that were passed around from 26th of September all the way to today have a clear screen on them which allows you to reply to a very important call or message but at the same time maintain your distance.


I found the idea quite inspiring and interesting however, my children are my gadgets, if I were to spend “a day offline” that would mean I was negating the whole “family day” and having some me time.  Get it? The most important part of the event however was the meeting between Ronald McDonald and Little Jacqui.  It appears to be that Ronald wanted to sign on her and steal her away, I had to pry her away from his fingers though!

Anyways, activities will be available throughout the McDonalds branches in Kuwait from 10 AM – 10 PM be sure to participate even though this is a bit late but you can still pack your mini-van with the little ones and head out to McDonalds fun land!

Enjoy the precious time with your little ones because before you know it they will grow up and require replacing (woops I was talking about my precious gadgets!) hope you have a great day.

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