[Movies] The Heat’s Official Trailer is Out

November 18, 2012  |  Movies

This is one movie I just had to post its trailer! I have always been a fan of Melissa McCarthy simply because she’s a comedy genius! I absolutely adore her and with the addition of Sandra Bullock, (I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for “Miss Congeniality” when the first scenes came up in this trailer) this movie is going to be pure gold.

FBI agent (Sandra Bullock) is teamed up with Boston Police officer (Melissa McCarthy) to take down a Russian mobster.

Now you believe me? Seriously April 5, 2013 is a date I’ll be waiting for anxiously! I know one other person who will want to watch this movie with me, and she goes by the name of Swair! Right right right? :P What do you guys think, are you going to watch it or pass on it?

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