[Shout Out] FixAid To Your Rescue

November 27, 2012  |  Shout Outs

Ever had a problem with your mobile, computer, or any other electronic gadget? You’re probably wondering what kind of problem, right?  I guess did your mobile phone ever fall right out of your hands and shatter its glass? Or did it ever jump into a large body of water or even a small one? Not to mention did you ever face technical issues that just left you baffled trying to solve them?

Well wonder no more because believe it or not, there is a brand new Doctor in town, you know one that takes care of our precious gadgets (not our bodies). FixAid to the rescue!

FixAid is a Kuwaiti project that works with absolute credibility and honesty.  This project consists of a mobile workshop that fixes any problems related to mobile phones and other FixAid devices such as computers, whether its a technical failure, programming, or even a hardware issue.

What’s different with FixAid is that the devices are received, repaired and handed directly at the door of your house, in other words you don’t have to go searching for them, just one call ensures they arrive to your house pick up the patient, take them to get it fixed and bring it back.

For more information, check them out on their social networks they’re quite interesting.

[Website] [Twitter: @FixAid] [Instagram: @FixAid] [Facebook: /FixAidKW]

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