[Coverage] Kim Kardashian Opens Millions of Milkshake in Kuwait

November 30, 2012  |  Events

Unless you were living under some kind of rock and didn’t know that Kim Kardashian made her way to the Middle East this week then you’re in for a surprise.  She’s here, she’s not queer, and she’s got everyone going cray cray! (I couldn’t find a word to rhyme with here anymore: yes I know there is here, deer, queer, sneer, and more) but oh well!

So I was invited by some special people to attend the opening of Millions of Milkshake at the Avenues Mall and was told this was supposed to be a Meet & Greet sort of gathering.  The theory, the idea in itself was beautiful but the reality was just dreadful.  I personally don’t like or hate Kim Kardashian she is simply just a Reality TV Show star who knew how to capitalize on different aspects of her life and I went to the event out of mere curiosity and simply to just have fun. You might read on different blogs how it was simply chaotic and unorganized but then again I came to expect those things because our younger generations have a major deficiency in their upbringing (most of which are being spoiled to death and thrown to the care of nannies and ignored). But that’s not the point of this.

Had Khloe and Kourtney tagged along, I would’ve enjoyed myself I kind of like Khloe because she’s the only one who speaks her mind and tells it like it is.  But I digress.  So, we were told she would be there by 4PM but being that she was a Kardashian she had to come to the event quite late.  She arrived at 5:30 PM and that’s when the chaos ensued.  People shoved, people fought, cameras were broken, people were thrown out and more.   Kim ended up staying for an hour or so and those who managed to sneak inside were able to grab some shots of her, and were able to line up and take pictures with her.  While those of us who prefered to not behave like savages and animals stayed outside for most of the night and by the time we managed to get up to her, we were told that Kim was leaving and not taking anymore pictures.

I tried the Kardashian milkshake and it was delicious, it was a mix of strawberry and bananas and for once it didn’t taste like I thought it would be like, which was to put it bluntly very bad.  I honestly don’t know what else to tell you, I’ve got two videos uploaded, one of Kim speaking to everyone outside but from the safe confines of being inside the store and another of how a stampede occured the minute the baracades were opened and people thought they would still get a chance to meet up with her.

People, I just wished for once that you would act like civil people and have a sort of order to the way you behaved but unfortunately you still think and behave like animals because your whole goal is to kill just to get to Kim and take that picture with her.

But oh well, it was an experience, but definitely nothing like the one where I saw Al Pacino, Bobby Cannavale, Dan Stevens, Jessica Chastain, John McGinley, and a couple more amazing real celebrities when I was in New York.

Kim’s Message to Kuwait

The crowd goes crazy even after Kim has left the building!

Millions of Milkshake is now open in the Grand Avenues, in the SoKu district and is ready to serve you a bunch of milkshakes.

Thanks Lisa for the invite, regardless of the chaos I know you did your best and I highly appreciate it!

For insanely better pictures head over to [248AM] [7ajidude]

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  1. to be honest, people were behaving fine but the media people, photographers & the stupid rude bodyguards are the ones to blame for this chaos, they just started pushing people out of no where. I was inside looking from the door when it was closed & perfectly sealed, then suddenly a moron (bodyguard) came & pushed me & he stood there holding the door … mo ya thoor it’s sealed from the inside! la it was lo3a & 7ram people were shoved, pushed & treated with no respect!

  2. It was the worst event attended for me. Spent 4 hrs waiting for Kim, since we were told she’s coming at 3pm for meeting the bloggers. At a while they said she’s coming at 4pm and arrived at 5.30pm.
    After she came I went inside and waited at the line for having photos. After a while I was kicked outside by the body guards, with unrespect manners.
    I was there not for Kim, but for covering the opening of MoM.
    I posted everything which I have and since the event was totally unorganized. People paid 150KD and they were also kicked out and haven’t got a photo with Kim.
    Totally waste of time, money and just for marketing.

  3. P2BI: Proud to be Indian

    The problem isn’t so much that the younger generation are under the charge of nannies insomuch as these aren’t trained au pairs or governoresses, after all and there lies the problem. For the most part the so-called nannies/maids are domestic helps from their native countries with little or no education themselves, and are the face of some of the most deprived demographics on the planet. Surely, it is pushing the envelope too far expecting these poor unfortunate women to rear children; making men out of boys and women out of girls in a global village circa 2012. Besides that is missing the whole point- raising children is not part of their job description and shouldn’t be too.

  4. The problem is not the nannies… the problem is the mothers over spoil, think their kids are always the best and always right, and won’t allow the nanny to say anything. In my days, the nanny had authority to tell me off or drag me back home if I did something bad. A few months ago I saw a boy who could have not been older than 7 years old cursing bloody hell in my co-op… I went to him and nicely said 3aib, maygoloon chithee… he cursed me and then his mother came and told me off saying “intay shakoo, mo shoghlich”…. from what I remember from childhood if any adult saw a child doing something wrong they could tell them off and the parents would be upset. Today’s parents… I have no word. I honestly think its a form of child abuse to raise bigheaded children with loud mouths and no matters what so ever.