[Reflections] The Year 2012 in Review

December 31, 2012  |  My Life, New Year, Reflections

Many of you will notice that every year at around this time I get out my paper and pencil to jot down the good, the bad, and the ugly of the year we are about to bid good-bye.  And well this year I am choosing to forgo the pencil and paper (save the environment and all that jazz) and will type them up for you in a neat little list.


It is quite hard to list all the things you’re thankful for, or you wished never happened this year but I’ll get one thing out there in the open before I attempt this list.  2012 was an okay year, it wasn’t insanely bad (personally for me) but it wasn’t an insanely wow Oh My GOD kind of good.  It was there.  I am choosing to enjoy each year as it comes by and living life to the fullest or to whatever limit I can without bothering others.

Now that my declaration is out of the way let’s list all the good things of this year.

The Good:


  1. Brand new car to replace my old Audi A4, I went with the shmexy Audi Q5!
  2. Met Celebrities I loved with Gulf Bank when it came to their 1 Million KD draw event: Najwa Karam & Abdullah Rwaished.
  3. Baby Bloggers Night with 7ajidude and the Blogging Family!
  4. Gulf Run
  5. Redecorated my room and actually have a Library stage.


  1. Many more social events and learning new stuff
  2. Attended first Comedy show in Kuwait
  3. Zain Flash Mob!


  1. Pre-ordered my favorite doll ever, Steve Jobs iCEO.
  2. iPad 3, need I say more?


  1. Became full-time employee at the newspaper.



  1. Celebrated 8 years of blogging! I still can’t believe it!



  1. Participated in a Cooking Contest “Project X” and shocked everyone that I have basic cooking skills! They could be advanced but no one really knows now do they? :P
  2. LujainTalks was featured in a small interview on the Al-Gaylaa Show!
  3. Social Media Day


  1. Dathra Doll was made for the Dathra Book II party.
  2. MacBook Retina Display *sigh*
  3. New cousin being born



  1. The newly re-imagined Couch, thanks to Sister No. 4!



  1. iPhone 5, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite, I don’t really need to elaborate do I?
  2. Steve Jobs doll arrived, Jacqui Doll was made!


  1. New York, New York! Omaha, Omaha!
  2. Jessica Chastain, Dan Stevens, David Straithairn, Al Pacino, Bobby Cannavale, John McGinley, David Harbour, Richard Schiff, Jeremy Shamos among the few I saw on Broadway this year and oh my God I loved it!
  3. iPod nano, iPod touch red, and iPad mini
  4. My little goddaughter, Swera’s Juju arrived!



  1. Seeing Kim Kardashian and thinking to myself, Hmmmm No!




  1. Birthday!



The Bad

  1. Brand new car gets hurt within the first month of getting it, then spending a month fixing it.
  2. Sister #3 had to have surgery in May, wasn’t able to go but then another surgery in October and was able to go with mother and take care of her (when in secret I went for the new iPad mini announcement Shhhh).
  3. Hurricane Sandy! Scary but fun at the same time being there to experience something like that.
  4. Neglected the Couch during the later part of the year.
  5. Getting terminated because the place is closing down.
  6. Plagiarism on a high all year round.


The rest I chose to ignore and not acknowledge because really what’s life without a few setbacks to spice up your life.

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