Hello 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2013  |  New Year

It’s about time to set for myself a few New Year’s resolutions, and what better way to do that than to share them with those of you still reading.  I think last year’s resolutions were quite simple and easy to accomplish, at least I’d like to think that they were that way.

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To better evaluate the situation let’s see what were last year’s resolutions and how I accomplished them:

  1. Get braces & fix my teeth. [Already done and in a very short time I will be removing said braces and finally ridding myself of something that held me back for so long]
  2. Lose weight & try to be fit. [Lost a good amount of weight this year and when I came back from the US I dropped in actual shape I hope to continue that this year and go back to my old pre-College weight]
  3. Get a full-time job & start to focus more on my passions [Achieved! But now I’m out of a job hehe, I will dedicate more time for passionate endeavors this year though]
  4. Have more “me” time and reconnect with friends, reading, life in general. [Done but not to the level I actually wanted it to be at]
  5. Get a new car & try to go to Hajj. [Got a new sexy ride but didn’t get to go to Hajj this year]

So all in all a 4.5 out of 5 is quite good.  I like that I achieved something in 2012 and it just means I will definitely achieve more in 2013.  So what’s on the list for the new year?

2013’s New Year’s Resolutions are:

  1. Continue to lose weight and get more fit.
  2. Blog more often, try to at least post 20 times a month to even out the year.
  3. Find a new job, something I will absolutely love.
  4. Read more often!
  5. Less spending, more saving, I need to get my savings back since I spent A LOT this year.
  6. Set at least monthly get togethers with college friends, high school friends, and those who I actually want to spend time with.
  7. Schedule massages and relaxing time, just enjoy life to the max!
  8. Prepare a Bucket List and actually tackle it, do something I would never in a million years do and enjoy the challenge of it all.
  9. More gadgets, hopefully a new iMac 27″ is waiting for me in the New Year.
  10. Be nicer, friendly, and more positive.


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  1. Wish You Happy New Year! All the best.

  2. Hey Jacquies! How much effort are you putting into your resolutions? Especially number 2!

  3. LOOOL u’re contradicting yourself ya shagol, start saving b3den more gadget? shloon chethy :P