Operation Orange Anxiety

February 17, 2013  |  Health, My Life

In just a short nine hours (time sure does fly by when you don’t really want it to doesn’t it?) I will be lying on an operating room table with all my weaknesses exposed not to mention highly drugged out and out of it underneath a scalpel to cut out all the bad parts of my being.  You see not that I can divulge exactly what is wrong with me but we have discovered an orange tree growing inside me (not really but go with it) and this tree has laid 4 large oranges which are squishing my insides and thus they need to be removed.  In order to do so I will be having a laporatomy (open tummy surgery) where the doctor will remove the oranges which I have cleverly named: Banana, Apple, Peach, and Plum and restore the natural ways of my internals.


To say that I am nervous is an understatement, as with all surgeries and this being my absolute first one has the case of the nerves, where you just can’t sit still, the butterflies seem to have your stomache in knots and on top of the existing pain you already experience you get to experience that as well.  I am looking forward to the relaxing medication that I will be given but not the IV injection site; I will be looking forward to the high anesthesia but not really the aftermath of waking up groggy with it; I will be looking forward to being painless for a while but the seeing a part of me which has been cut open; I will be looking forward to a new experience but still dreading it.

I simply ask for your well wishes, for your bearing with me since I will be out of the scene for the next few days/weeks depending on how fast I recover and hope you are still around when I’m out (I make it sound as if I’m going to jail :P) Laughter is always the best medicine but please limit it since it will be painful to laugh, which is simply why I’m overdosing on it.

Hopefully it’s nothing too serious, it will all clear up after the surgery and I will be back bouncing off the walls as crazy as ever! I’ve got my trusty electronics ready for when I’m out of surgery filled up with shows I haven’t seen and books I haven’t read! I will miss the outside world for a while but oh well, at least I get to hibernate like a normal bear and not have to worry much.

Here is to coming back stronger than ever, healthier than ever, and definitely skinnier than ever (this is like the hardest diet ever LOL losing weight because of pain hehe awesome stuff!) Loves you all and toodles!

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  1. I wish and pray for your health. You’re an awesome person and we all love you :* Also, we can’t wait to have you “coming back stronger than ever, healthier than ever, and definitely skinnier than ever!” :D Although I like hubur Jacqui

  2. all the best wishes for a fast and full recovery, enshallah you will be more than fine soon, hope to see you back very soon :D Salaamaaat