Operation Day: Pre & Post Oranges

February 24, 2013  |  Health, My Life

I’ve been out of the hospital for a day now and slowly on the road recuperating but I thought it would be best to record my thoughts and experience down just to revisit it one day in the future, and since I enjoyed the “oranges” reference I will continue using it and elaborate a little more on the condition so let’s start telling the story.


Monday Morning February 18th 5:30AM

I woke up early that day, I had to be at the hospital an hour before surgery which was supposed to take place at 8:00 AM but since the hospital is located in Jabriya and it’s a school day usually the streets are crowded I woke up earlier and my sister F dropped  me off at around 6:30 AM and waited until I went into surgery.

We were too early and most of the staff that would check me in weren’t there yet, but by 7:00 AM they were there and ready to take me in for the pre-operation prep.  I walked in with my Aunt who had joined us then and my sister, I was given a hospital gown and some insane looking socks to put on and to pack anything else I had in a bag and hand it to my family. I felt exposed but at the same time everything was well enough that I wasn’t freaking out much.  I got into the bed and snuggled up, the nurses of course had already checked my weight and height before then and by that time were checking my vitals: blood pressure, heart beat, temperature, drawing blood, inserting an IV line, checking if I had an allergy against any of the anesthesia and a short while later the Anesthesiologist comes in to introduce himself and tell the nurses that they can give me the sedative and get ready to wheel me into the operating room.

What happened next was kind of weird, and I don’t really know how to explain it, I was given the sedative and was wheeled out, I was joking around with the nurses asking them if they had a “driving license” to drive me around the hospital the nurse chuckled and said that their license only works in the hospital hehe and then poof I was out.

[Black out]

I woke up at one point and felt an oxygen mask on my face my eyes felt heavy and I couldn’t open them, I felt trapped everything was tied down and all of a sudden I was out of it again.

[Black out Part II]

I woke up at this point with no mask on but I felt the heart beat counter thing on my index finger and my blanket was suddenly expanding with a large heat load and I was starting to warm up.  I remember that I felt as warm as a toast and was happy about it, a few minutes later I was out again.

[Black out Part III]

I woke up this time whining from a little pain, feeling a large towel around my head (it might’ve been around earlier but I am not sure memories are starting to confuse me now, I asked the nurses what time it was and when I would be in my room.  I had a feeling that everything was over and they just answered that it was around 2:30 PM or something like that.  I fell asleep again but remember waking up enough to see them moving me out of the ICU and taking me to my room.

They wheeled me around the halls but I was so drained and out of it that I couldn’t do or say anything just hoped there weren’t any bumps in the road that would jiggle me.  I was in so much pain that I was drained out of it.  We arrived at my assigned room, my family were sitting on the couches awaiting my arrival they were worried like hell since some minor scares happened during surgery and as they were transferring me from my ICU bed to the one I would spend the next few days in I was just out of it.

I remember seeing Grandma’s face and tears streaming down her face, one of my Uncle’s face was drained and looked as pale as a ghost not to mention the rest of my family just standing there trying to see me.

I wanted some water to drink but being that I was still drugged I wasn’t allowed except a bit of ice chips to wet my lips which my sister F happily did.  The rest of that time was a bit of a blur, I remember I had a morphine button which I could just push when I felt pain and I did use it quite nicely.

I did have a conversation at the end of the night but I think I was out of it that I don’t really remember what set it off.  At one point in the night a nurse came to draw some blood and run some tests I was telling her not to hurt me because you already drew enough of it to last you a lifetime, I felt the pinch go in and 1 second later she said I’m done.  I was like really? That’s quick, she’s like of course you threatened me I had to make sure not to hurt you.  I asked her for her name which was ‘Anna’ and wanted her to be my nurse.  I was complaining of pain and she was like I will give you something for it but I will be right back.  She left the room and came back but I thought it was a different nurse, I thought that she had already given me the drugs so I started to say something.  I was like “Anna just gave me this.. what are you doing?” She’s like “No, I’m Anna… I just changed my hairstyle…” I chuckled inwardly since it was painful and drifted off to a morphine filled sleep.

And that was pretty much end of Day 1.


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  1. Good to know you are done & now in recovery mode. Hope all went well & nice to see you back here!

  2. Madri laish twni ashoofa :s

    Any ways 7mdila 3la slamtich w sorry 3la elta25eer ;*

  3. el7imdillah 3ala elsalamah Jacqui!

  4. Sweetie,
    Praying for you to have a complete and quick recovery!