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April 19, 2013  |  Braces, My Life

The day has finally arrived, and since 2013 has been a poor year for me to begin with I was extremely happy this past Wednesday (April 17th) when I visited my dentist’s office at Bayan Dental (@BayanDentalKW) to get my braces removed.  Ten days earlier Dr. Sharma (my dentist obviously) had shown me the light at the end of the tunnel, everything had been progressing smoothly and I no longer needed the braces.


That Wednesday morning I woke up energetic and extremely excited that I would have my teeth back sans any metal but at the same time I was worried about the pain it would be to having them removed.  Heading into my appointment I get in that dreadful chair and await the removal process.  To say that it hurt is an understatement, in order to remove your braces the dentist has to remove the bonding agent which is kind of like cement so he was pulling and tugging and at some point I felt that my teeth would come out and land in his hands thankfully 15 minutes later he was done and I had to go to my cleaning appointment to get the remaining cement/bonding removed.

Waiting those few moments and feeling my teeth with no metal felt weird, it was like a rough surface but at the same time semi-smooth.  Half an hour or so after I started my cleaning session my teeth were polished and shiny and looked even better than before and back I went to my dentist’s office after having some X-rays done.

I was given fixed retainers (a thin wire that is bonded to the back of my teeth) on both the uppers and lowers, that way I can’t possibly say that I forgot to wear my retainers or don’t feel like it.  They feel weird, being put on the bonding agent tastes bitter and kind of nasty and I hated it.  Once they were on you can’t help but run your tongue over them and feel as if it’s something insane but I guess you will get used to it.

How does it feel being brace-less?

Wonderful! I’ve begun to do the cliche things by running my tongue over my teeth and not encountering any wires, but at the same time I’ve begun to feel that they were weird, larger than normal and naked (they are none of the above but it’s an illusion since you’ve pretty much seen your teeth with brackets on them the whole time).

The whole journey took one year and four months (I got them on December 25, 2011) and it was in a way joyous and filled with cool milestones.  I lost an insane amount of weight the first month I had them installed and the funny thing is that I kept the weight off (which is great).  I had experienced some cold sores appearing on the insides of my cheeks because of the wire hitting them, I’ve had my lips get stuck on the braces, the elastics were painful every time I got a tighter or stronger band.  I had to eat my burgers/pizzas by using a fork and knife since I was afraid to bite and I just wanted to avoid that.  My deep overbite has been fixed and I have a better face look now (in a way).  And well I can actually smile now without being worried that my smile is too crooked or ugly for people to look at.

In a way I have blossomed after this whole ordeal and I can’t help but want to thank a couple of people who were really beneficial to this journey:

  • I’d like to thank PinkGirlQ8 and her post about her visit to the dentist to get a crown fixed and how I commented on it and immediately was contacted by Bayan Dental.
  • I’d also like to thank Rama from Bayan Dental for being the awesome person who gave me this referral to Dr. Sharma and told me if there was anyone who would cure my fear of dentists it would be him.
  • I’d also like to thank Dr. Suboodh Sharma who was amazing from the get-go, I had visited previous dentists and they all told me I had to remove 4 teeth in order to begin the treatment but he took one look at my case and said “Oh wow! This is such an awesome case, I can fix them without removing any teeth, and I can fix them now!” He literally didn’t give me time to breathe because a week or so later I was visiting him to take X-rays and I thought to get molds done but he was like, nope we’re installing them today!   He truly is a genius!
  • I’d like to thank someone whom you might all know from his famous YouTube videos or Twitter account @L4A who just a few months earlier had taken the jump and gotten braces and I thought if the younger population could do it, then I should get over my fears and jump onboard.
  • I’d like to thank Danderma and my friend Salmon who nagged me quite a bit to get them on before that but I kept putting it off because the fear was ruling my life and now you’re one of the first few people who congratulated me on this transformation!
  • Finally, I’d like to thank my Family, Daddy especially for giving me that gift and assisting me in achieving this dream of mine even though it came a couple years too late, but it’s better late than never right? :)

Now let’s enjoy the rest of life with a bright shiny smile!

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  1. lol, yes i did the same by running my tongue over my teeth, and it felt good! as if i was a baby with a new teeth lol, congrats on removing them!

    • Heheh thanks hon and yeah I totally agree but I haven’t done that quite so often now! :P I might be afraid to nick my tongue on the wires that don’t exist anymore! :P

  2. Clean and refreshing feeling!! Congratulations on removing your braces :)

  3. Congratulations! The taste of Freedom can not be described! Now go enjoy food!!!! lol! I had braces a long time back but I still ate like a pig! hahaha