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April 26, 2013  |  Events, Hair

Earlier this week I received an invite from the lovely people at Gloss Salon promising me a get-together event with Michael Shaun Corby, Hollywood Hair Stylist and Global Creative Director of Alterna Professional Haircare.  Michael has worked with many celebrities such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, were some of their early celebrities and now they have a more mature celebrity following such as Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and more.


The meeting was a nice cozy one with the attendance of the salon owners Ms. Noura and Amwaj Al Bahar along with fellow blogger PinkGirlQ8.  We were able to chat with him a bit and get to know him more and I unleashed my insane questions (not really that insane) but one of the things I insanely enjoyed was the advice I was able to get from him and he was really down to earth.


One of the things I wanted to do was cut blunt bangs (sort of like Christina Ricci, Kim Kardashian’s latest bangs, Zoeey Deschannel, etc) and so I proceeded to ask him that question while hoping he would tell me he would be able to cut them for me.  Michael asked me about the type of my hair and expressed his worries that since I have naturally wavy/curly hair that short bangs will pretty much fly off my forehead and frizz up in this weather.  His professional advice was to continue styling my hair the way I have been and to avoid the bangs unless I grow out my hair and he’ll be able to advise me further.

Michael Shaun Corby has trained most of the staff in Gloss Salon to cut and style hair using his techniques and the stylist Ms. Khadeeja was one of the winners in his contest, he told me if I were to cut my hair then she would be the perfect person  to do so.

Gloss Salon is located in Jabriya Block 1A, Street 8 and funnily enough this wasn’t my first time there.  I visited them almost two years ago when I was looking for someone to give me a retro hairstyle and Ms. Khadeeja was the one who styled my hair at the time.  They carry the Alterna haircare products and they have three exclusive treatments unfortunately I do not recall them at the moment but will definitely share more information soon.

Michael showed us a very simple hair-style during his interview with Al-Watan TV and I simply fell in love with it, it took literally 5 – 10 minutes and started off with two braids.

MSC 6.5

MSC 6.6


Thank you Ms. Noura & Ms. Amwaj for the lovely gift and thanks for having us! I truly enjoyed myself and hopefully I will pass by in a couple of months when I’m ready for a haircut.


Gloss Salon: [Twitter, Instagram]

Michael Shaun Corby: [Twitter, Instagram]

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