[TV Shows] Cancellations of Fall Season 2012-2013

May 12, 2013  |  TV

It’s that time of the year, May where the Upfronts (conferences where most TV Networks announce the renewal/cancellation of their shows) take place and we figure out the actual fate of our beloved shows.  This year it seems that most networks chose to end shows (allowing us to grieve with a series finale episode) or just plain cancel shows during the season or after the season order was fulfilled.  I am saddened by many cancellations this year some of which are: Body of Proof, Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, Happy Endings, Made in Jersey, Partners, Emily Owens MD, 90210 (just a tiny bit), 1600 Penn, Animal Practice, Go On, Guys with Kids, Smash, The New Normal, and Up All Night.  The rest of the shows basically had it coming they weren’t really strong in their premieres and they had recycled stories on.

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 So let’s get cracking as to who got cancelled by whom?






All Network Cancellations:

 666 Park Avenue  Body of Proof  Don’t Trust B in Apartment 23
 The Family Tools  Happy Endings  How to Live with Your Parents
 Last Resort  Malibu Country  Private Practice (Final Season)
 Red Widow  Zero Hour  CSI: New York
 Golden Boy  Made in Jersey  Partners
 Rules of Engagement  Vegas  90210
 Cult  Emily Owens, MD  Gossip Girl (Final Season)
 Ben & Kate  The Cleveland Show  Fringe (Final Season)
 The Mob Doctor  Touch  1600 Penn
 30 Rock (Final Season)  Animal Practice  Deception
 Do No Harm  Go On  Guys with Kids
 The Office (Final Season)  Smash  The New Normal
 Up All Night  Whitney

I guess it’s time to say “Good-Bye” to these shows and move on, it’s a shame though but that means newer shows will come up next year and hopefully some keepers.

Stay tuned for the “Renewal” post coming up very very soon.

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  1. I was pretty upset when they cancelled 666 Park Avenue and Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23. But now they’ve cancelled Smash and Whitney too? NO, I REFUSE! Ugh.

    • I know I totally agree with your feeling I felt pissed off when they took away Happy Endings, Body of Proof, Smash, 1600 Penn, and Made in Jersey. The rest were a bit so-so for me :s Whitney was a fun emptying my head type of show though hehe and so was Don’t Trust the B!

  2. NOOOO! NOT GO ON!!! I LOVED THAT SHOW! COME ON CHANDLER!!! I’m honestly shocked as I was expecting it to make it, the characters were loveable and the story was heart warming and I loved his wit in the crappy situations they got into. Damn it!

    Can’t believe the final season of the office! 30 Rock is done, now that show last a while too! So many good comedies are gone!

    1600 Penn & Whitney were awesome shows! 1600 Penn was honestly well written! And the President was the President from the movie Independence Day! I’m honestly very disappointed! ESPECIALLY GO ON! That has a special spot for me!