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May 12, 2013  |  TV

Now that I have the “Cancellations of Fall Season 2012-2013” out of the way it’s time to find out which show has been renewed and is coming back for the next season.  The show list I am putting up deals with all the major networks such as ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC the premium cable network shows such as Game of Thrones, Mad Men and the others are not included in this list they will get their own post later on since most shows are still in their current seasons, of course I always share the news on twitter so be sure to follow me there.

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This next season will be really sad for networks such as NBC where they used to be known for their comedy shows and this next season has a lack of comedy returning shows.  Of course the cancellations/ending of shows allows newer ones onto the scene but you can never guarantee a winner.  So let’s get cracking as to who got renewed and who will be ending their run next season.



All Network Renewals:

 Castle  Grey’s Anatomy  Last Man Standing
 The Middle  Modern Family  Nashville
 The Neighbors  Once Upon a Time  Revenge
 Scandal  Suburgatory  2 Broke Girls
 The Big Bang Theory  Blue Bloods  Criminal Minds
 CSI  Elementary  The Good Wife
 Hawaii Five-0  How I Met Your Mother (Final Season)  The Mentalist
 Mike & Molly  NCIS  NCIS: LA
 Person of Interest  Two and a Half Men  Arrow
 Beauty & The Beast  The Carrie Diaries  Hart of Dixie
 Nikita (Shortened Season)  Supernatural  The Vampire Diaries
 American Dad  Bob’s Burgers  Bones
 Family Guy  The Following  Glee
 The Mindy Project  New Girl  Raising Hope
 The Simpsons  Community  Grimm
 Law & Order: SVU  Parenthood  Parks & Recreation
 Revolution  Chicago Fire

So in a way, if we look at how many new shows received a renewal it will seem that the new season was sort of a bust.  Let’s actually analyze the season, I’m kind of an analysis freak!

Returning Shows

 New Fall Season 2012-2013  10
 Existing Shows  40

Cancelled Shows

 New Fall Season 2012-2013  22
 Existing Shows  16

So the new shows that premiered this year were basically a failure with 22 of them being cancelled after airing a few episodes not to mention those that were never allowed to air.  Either way I guess this means new shows will come to our screens next year let’s hope they are winners and that they bring back our favorite stars.

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  1. Some important ones on the list like The Big Bang Theory, its the one that has to stay, after the Office this is my corner stone for Comedy! Then Blue Bloods, Elementary, Scandal, Person Of Interest, Hawai Five-0 are on my top Serious Shows! The light comedies are there too!

    I’m honestly still disappointed about the cancelled shows!