[Updated]Ramadan TV List 2013 Available Now

July 9, 2013  |  Ramadan TV

[Updated (12/7/2013): Removed First Draft & Replaced with Final Version & PDF Files]

After 24 hours of staring at multiple screens filled with numbers, timings in GMT, in GMT +2, in any other time zone really and translating them all to one timing which is GMT +3 I can finally say that the “Ramadan TV List 2013” is here and ready to be downloaded by you freaks out there.  This year I started out a bit late but I kind of like how I went all simplistic in the design.  I am working on making an (iPhone-Friendly) version but that’s not complete yet (might be making it available as a separate website perhaps but not so sure yet).


You remember the drill this year? Last year many of you chose to steal this list and slap on your own watermark and call it your own, well I’d like to see you try again this year.  The watermark is seriously all over the place and short of you being a magician and making it disappear I don’t think it’s possible.  There are empty timing slots, and there are some shows with no timings at all on any network but that’s only because not all TV networks release their timings until the day of Ramadan.  So for all intents and purposes this is a preliminary list until Thursday when I will be releasing an updated version.

Without further ado, here are the lists.  Please link back and source where you got them from because I didn’t spend all this time browsing the newspapers, twitter accounts, forums, network websites, etc just to have you take away the credit and hard work I provided.

WARNING: All timings are confirmed from different sources, there will be changes because some networks have not yet finalized their timings.  So this is the first draft of the list.  Take that with a grain of salt :)

Timings are all GMT +3 (Kuwait Time

 FinalRamadanKhaleeji FinalRamadanArabic

You know the drill, right click + save as to save the full version of the list and if you’d like to share it on your respectable blog, please please (I’m being pretty nice here) remember to source and link back to me.

Other than that, Happy Ramadan, and may it be a blessed awesome month.

[Download the PDF Version]

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  1. Thank you, and Happy Ramadhan

  2. Ahahaha. We should spam them and ridicule them if they try it again this year. And you’re great for helping them regardless.

  3. Thanks Jacqui!!

  4. Thanks for the effort, waiting for it every year… That’s a huge list… Can you add a small picture to each? I have a difficulty in recognizing which one is which who acts in each lol

    So which which one to follow? Am sure by tomorrow you guys will filter them out as to which are the best :)

  5. Great work. Now if I miss a show I know when to watch the reruns..

  6. WoW!! Thanx for the effort!! This was the only organized schedule i found. I will repost this and link back to you :)! You did an amazing job.

  7. Thank you so much, thats really a great work…
    Will you please update the list with the show times of CBC, Al-Nahar and Al-Hayah.

  8. That is awesome, thank you for your effort dear <3 "Unique as usual"
    And Ramadan Mubarak :)

  9. Thank you Jacqui darling ;*

  10. thank you for the show list, but is there any more update?

  11. hahahahaay tha7aktini, y36eech alf 3afia :*

  12. Hey Jacqui nice work as always , even though I don’t watch these shows but your hard work is really appreciated , Thanks :)

  13. The updated PDF version is blurred :(