Four Guest Stars That Rocked “30 Rock”

August 17, 2013  |  Guest Writers, TV

After a very successful run on television, 30 Rock has sadly come to an end. Fans are mourning the loss of their weekly dose of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. But while these two impressive entertainers received all the credit for the show’s success, they were helped along by several talented guest stars. And when those guest stars return to your television screen in the form of 30 Rock reruns, suggests that you enjoy their presence with the assistance of your DVR, mobile phone or tablet.


Until then, keep on the lookout for these amazing guests who have graced 30 Rock’s lineup:

Al Gore

He’s the former Vice President and a current advocate for environmentalism, but until his appearance on 30 Rock, nobody suspected that Al Gore would be such a hit on network television. Playing himself during the show’s second and fourth seasons, Gore impressed Adrian Chen of with performances that were “surprisingly non-wooden.” Best of all, the politician’s inclusion in multiple episodes allowed 30 Rock to address a very serious issue in a very silly manner.

Jon Hamm

Everyone has come to associate Jon Hamm with Mad Men, but as it turns out, the actor is capable of much more than simply playing the iconic Don Draper (although that remains quite the accomplishment in and of itself). During multiple appearances on 30 Rock between season three and five, Jon Hamm portrayed Liz Lemon’s hunky neighbor Dr. Drew Baird, and, in doing so, proved that he can be quite the funny guy.

Jeff Dunham

Who would have guessed that one of the funnier moments on 30 Rock would involve a ventriloquist? That’s exactly what happened when Jeff Dunham joined the show for a brief stint during the fourth season. The famous ventriloquist played (what else) a ventriloquist known as Rick Wayne whose dummy wound up responding quite angrily to a bit of playful heckling from Liz Lemon.

Jennifer Aniston

Although not the only former Friends cast member to guest star on 30 Rock (David Schwimmer appeared during the second season), Jennifer Aniston showed that she still could be a valuable asset on a television comedy during her time opposite Tina Fey. She played the party animal Claire Harper, an old roommate of Liz and Jenna who still maintained an affinity for the wild life. Although Aniston was funny in her own right, she set up the funniest moment in the episode—a hilarious Tina Fey line about cocoa puffs.

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  1. I’m sad the show ended! Loved 30Rock!