9 Must-Have Fashion Tech Accessories

August 31, 2013  |  Fashion, Guest Writers, Techie

The integration of technology in fashion brings form, function and visual impact to the industry. Laptop bags have hidden chargers, kinetic energy powers watches and MP3 players can be color coordinated to your outfit. As the world progresses, fashion houses want to be a part of it.


(Twitter Dress worn by Nicole Scherzinger)

1. Memoto camera

Wearable technology is showing up across the globe in items like the Memoto camera that clips to a shirt, takes photos every 30 seconds and syncs with a computer to upload images. The Memoto camera is an experiment for the sentimental, capturing all of life’s little moments you never knew you’d want to look back on.

2. Tracking Devices

Menswear designer Asher Levine has created a tracking device to go in higher-priced jackets, coats, gloves and luggage. If an item is left behind, say at a restaurant or in a cab, the separation reminder notification will inform you and enable you to track it down using your smartphone.

3. Smartphone

Thrilled to hear the new BlackBerry Q10 comes in white, fashionistas across the world are picking it up as their latest fashion accessory. This smartphone is built to keep you moving with its ergonomically sculpted keyboard and apps that work smoothly together. What makes these cell phones further stand out is the 3.1 inch OLED display that allows for a thinner phone design and a crystal clear display. Record fashion shows, shop online or look up the trendiest fashion blogger posts to stay at the top of your game.

4. Twitter Dress

London fashion house, CuteCircuit, has been showcasing a digital dress made with French silk chiffon, Swarovski crystals and over 2,000 LED lights that spell out actual tweets. This type of interactive fashion is possible through the use of smarter fabrics and micro-electronics.

5. Armor Integration

Cyclists can be comforted knowing they can be protected by an inflatable air bag collar, the Hövding. This safety feature is built into an inflatable waterproof collar attached to a stylish coat. It deploys on impact and uses an integrated black box to record 10 seconds of data before and after the accident occurs. This invisible helmet can save a cyclist’s life, along with the elderly or anyone who is prone to falling.

6. Clutch Handbag Speaker

Rebecca Minkoff for Stellé Audio Couture have disguised Bluetooth speakers into a stylish little clutch. This audio accessory delivers clear sound in a fashion-forward package.

7. Solar-powered Charging Jacket

Cornell Fiber Science and Apparel Design student, Abbey Liebman, has designed a jacket that keeps your cell phone charged by solar power. By using conductive cotton threads, ultra-thin solar panels and a USB charger, you can always be powered up.

8. Headphones

A trend that allows people to go into their own little space, headphones are at the forefront of fashion as designers craft sleek monochrome on-ear pieces that are fully collapsible. Adding color to the concept of sound, Urbanears created the Plattan. The attached fabric cord has a microphone and works with Blackberry phones.

9. Cell Phone and Tablet Cases

Dolce & Gabbana makes a leopard print sleeve and Kate Spade offers up an art deco feel on her stylish smartphone cases.

Michael Kors, Coach, Tory Burch and Christian Louboutin… just a few of the fashion houses crafting designer electronic cases. One of Lady Gaga’s designers, Maison Michel, has a clear sleeve version he fills with confetti.

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