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September 8, 2013  |  TV

The time has arrived, you know when your favorite TV show returns from the summer hiatus (that means break :P) and our lives are full again with fictional and make believe characters and the drama that happens in their lives.  I have slaved and slaved over this list for the past few days, I realized that I actually do watch a lot of TV but this year (no I am not cutting my list down don’t worry about that), but I realized that the best way to prepare this list is to cater to everyone therefore I have included EVERYTHING that premieres starting today until late October.  There are plenty of shows who will come back during the Mid-season (those will get their own post when the dates are revealed).

Couch Avenue Fall TV 2013

So without further ado, here is the beautiful gorgeous eye-appealing list. There are 89 TV Shows coming back this fall season, some of which are appearing for the first time.  You can find the below list which includes every show’s premiere date along with information whether a show is new or one that’s leaving us.  All new shows are shown in BLUE (I took in consideration those who were Color Blind :P) and exiting shows like “How I Met Your Mother” are in ORANGE.  I am looking forward to quite a few new TV Shows, some sound promising and some have cancellation written all over them.  Let’s just hope this season something awesome takes place.

Fall 2013 Premiere Final

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 New Shows Premiering

Betrayal  Hello Ladies Masters of Sex Witches of East End
Sleepy Hollow Hostages Mom The Blacklist
We Are Men Brooklyn Nine-Nine Dads Lucky 7
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD The Goldbergs Trophy Wife The Originals
Back in the Game Ironside Super Fun Night The Tommorrow People
The Crazy Ones The Michael J Fox Show The Millers Sean Saves the World
Welcome to the Family Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Reign Dracula

I personally can’t wait to see most of all Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Crazy Ones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Witches of East End, The Originals, Dracula, Super Fun Nignt, Reign, Hello Ladies, Masters of Sex, Mom, and Hostages. What about you? There are some other shows I can’t wait to premiere but those are coming out in November.

You remember the drill, feel free to share but reference back to me please :D Toodles

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