[Apple] iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C Prices in Apple UK

September 11, 2013  |  Apple, iPhone

Just prepared the official price sheet of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S models based on the Apple UK Store pricing and as you can see when converted to Kuwaiti Dinars it comes out to be as follows:

iPhone Prices

The iPhone 5S will be available for:

  • 16 GB –  £549 (Roughly 248 KD)
  • 32 GB – £629 (Roughly 284 KD)
  • 64 GB – £709 (Roughly 319 KD)

The iPhone 5C will be available for:

  • 16 GB – £469 (Roughly 212 KD)
  • 32 GB – £549 (Roughly 248 KD)

Prices include VAT (aka taxes) and both phones will be available on sale on September 20th.


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  1. hi!

    what about the US store? i think they sell it unlock without contract but not sure if it works with LTE network in kuwait! any idea?

    • Fortunately for us the US models have more LTE bands than other phones and included is our LTE Band 3 1800 MHz which is what Kuwait Operators use. Therefore the answer to your question, purchasing an unlocked GSM model from Apple Store US will work in Kuwait. Based on their charts.

      • Thanks for that info Jacqui, i remember when i ordered the iPhone 5 from US, i made a huge mistake that it didn’t work on kuwaits LTE coverage but as apple states that it does support LTE band 3 1800 so i think we should be fine. I do have a question please they do say that the unlocked version doesn’t work with cdma networks do we need to worry about that?

        thank you

        • I just answered that question in a previous post Sam, but this generation Apple has added more LTE bands therefore the Unlocked version will support our networks. As long as it’s a GSM phone and not CDMA (provided by Sprint mostly).

  2. Hey check this out the latest comparison between iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C http://bit.ly/14UZ3co

  3. If i order in apple store when will come to kuwait ? And which model i can use to work here!
    Sorry for the low english