Is Long Hair, Annoying or Fun?

September 12, 2013  |  Hair, Rants

Ever since my hair debacle which happened in the summer of 2012 (Cliff Notes version of the story is that I went to a new salon near my previous job – wanted a haircut and I’d never had one there [was daring with my hair choices] – I basically wanted a trim and to lighten my hair a bit unfortunately the hair dresser chose to give me a bob! – previously my hair was up to my shoulder blades and when I walked out it was up to the base of my neck.) So ever since then I decided I wanted to grow out my hair.

Tangled Hair

I’ve reached the longest I’ve ever had it in the past let’s say 6-7 years but I’m having a problem with it.  I just can’t sleep with my hair touching my neck so I fan it out on the pillow and whenever I toss and turn at night I wake up because I just need to remove it from the back of my neck.  Another thing I am disliking is the fact that it’s just not listening to me, my hair that is, it feels dead, blah, bland, etc.

I am pretty much the least girly girl I know in my circle of friends.  I don’t do hair masks, or oil my hair, or anything of the sort on a regular basis.  I basically wash it every other day with shampoo and conditioner and that’s it.  I straighten it out the next day because I have curly hair that turns into waves when I go out.  And insanely frizzy when it’s humid which is basically everyday.

Any solutions, advice you guys can give me to try to maintain it because I really don’t want to cut it and wish to see it reach the middle of my back (I hope by end of this year!)

Help please,

Distraught Hair Troubles

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  1. keratin? collagen? botox? all these are intense hair treatments that will give you at least 3-4 months of hassle free hair till it grows to your desired length

  2. Curly hair is a gift because you always have the option to add character to an otherwise permanently straight boring hair. It’s just that in this part of the world, straight is favored which I don’t understand.

    I think keeping it naturally wavy during the summer is really hot. Nature Land (ar’6 i6abi3a) sells Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I know it might be an effort but if you apply just a bit to the tips and at least treat it with it once a week, you won’t have to over blow dry it or compensate with any other harsh product. It will naturally get fed nutrients and will be easier to manage, not to mention appear softer and shinier. Another homemade recipe is mashing avocados, a spoon of yogurt and egg yolks (recipe on my blog).

    Needless to say, pay attention to what you eat too. Dark leafy greens really make a difference to your hair, in addition to green peppers, celery and basically every fruit.

    The nutritional tips above will make it grow strong instead of brittle. As for sleeping, try tying it up in a bun or braid it before you hit the sack.

    Finally, stay away from Keratin, Collagen, Bottox…etc. They may give you amazing results at first but the long term consequences are a disaster. It’s not worth losing your hair for it.

    If you’re looking for a good product that isn’t packed with nasties, I recommend:

    1)Kiehl’s Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream (works like magic and not too harsh)'s-heat-protective-silk-straightening-cream-150ml/p120515 You’ll find it in Kiehl’s – Avenues Phase II

    2)Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment (very mild but it’s my favorite).
    It comes in two types Concentrated (the one in the image) which is perfect for when you want to leave it in without a lot of hair drying or Mist type perfect for blow drying. Both are sold at Cutting Edge Salmiya. The Shampoo and Conditioner from the same brand are really good too.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Jaxie, DONT CUT YOUR HAIR and i want to see you with long hair, dont think i ever have. other than that you need to girl it up a little bit and start using hair masks etc. Or you can switch from using shampoo and conditioner to just Wen Cleansing Conditioner, its a dream!