What Makes a Gaming Laptop?

November 19, 2013  |  Guest Writers, Techie

Geeks, gamblers and gamers: get rid of your gear. No, seriously, do it.

If you’re a part of the gaming community who all want the best laptops for what online gaming has to offer, you might want to think about trading in, and upgrading.

There are at least four crucial areas that a highly-functional gaming laptop should perform reliably in — speed, portability, looks, and extra functions. It’s the Usain Bolt-meets Sports Illustrated model-meets MIT geek package deal that all gamers want.

What you choose can depend on what you like more, however. Bigger screens mean less portability. Lots of memory means you’ll need a strong battery life and good memory storage. Because there is no perfect laptop (yet), settling on one laptop that does something really well might mean you sacrifice something else that isn’t as superior.


Razer Blade 14″ is the World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop


Boot-up and connection speed is essential. If you’re slow out of the gate, then the only thing that’ll be quick is the loss of your patience.

Any boot-up time quicker than 24 seconds is good. Smallbiz Technology highlights three laptops that make it under that time, with one clocked at an amazing 13 seconds.

The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook talks a big game, boasting that it can be up and ready from sleep mode in less than one second. Its producers say it boots up from a cold start in eight seconds — although, after reviews, it’s more like 13 seconds, but that’s still quick!

Both the Lenovo IdeaPad U310/U410 and the MacBook Air boot up around 18 to 20 seconds, according to Smallbiz.


Typically, with what’s out there now, the best laptops with a balance of portability and usability are ones in the 13- to 14-inch screen range, Laptop Mag says. Big screens usually means more bulk, and your lightest laptop probably has too small of a screen, especially for gamers.

The Razor Blade laptop is perhaps the newest flavor in a gamer’s ice cream shop. When closed, a dime standing on its edge is taller than the Razor Blade, as noted on RazerZone.com.

The lightweight division include the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro (2 pounds), Macbook Air (2.96 pounds) and Dell Latitude 6430u (3.91 pounds), all three of them packing only 128 GB of storage capacity, though.


Kudos to the Razor Blade and Dell’s Alienware M18xR2, which have gamers salivating.

According to Laptop Mag, the Razor Blade is fitted with fully programmable anti-ghosting backlit keyboard, an adjustable ultra-sensitive track pad and a stable of ports. The stealth-looking Alienware has a whopping 1080p display, great graphics performance and a large keyboard that serious gamers may use as a pillow.

These two laptops are the ones getting all the buzz right now. But big talk usually means big cost. Razor Blade comes with a $2,000 price tag, while the Alienware18 ranges between $2,000 and $3,400. Mind you, as far as overall performance goes, PCMag rates the Lenovo G580, a cost of only $500, just as high as it does the Razor Blade.

The MacBook Air is thin and sleek, but as Laptop Mag notes, other similar laptops have screens with higher resolution. Dell Inspiron 15 has a nice, sharp look, with its black, slim profile, but it does have a low-resolution screen. It might not be your Mrs. Right laptop, but, for its price ($400) and its strong battery, it makes for a good Ms. Right Now.

Extra Edge (functions)

If there’s one gamer laptop that balances out well with all its features, it’s the Apple MacBook Air, according to PCMag.

The MacBook Air performs decently overall, compared to gamer laptops out there. It’s lightweight, only a little higher in cost than the average gamer laptop ($1,099), and has a battery life of more than 15 hours that has it pulling away from the competition.

What’s your favorite gamer laptop? Share it in the comments.

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  1. I agree with MacBook Air being a great gaming laptop. Of course I’m talking about the later one; 2013 with haswell processor.
    The battery goes up to 20 hours for me, and when a demanding game is running, it goes down to 10-12 hours, which is still amazing.
    And don’t get me started with the portability of this awesome piece, I have it on a very slim black 13″ sleeve and take it with me everywhere. It’s unbelievably light compared to other laptops.
    It’s simply my portable library, college notebook and gaming rig.