[Events] Michael Kors Presents Holiday Collection 2013

December 4, 2013  |  Birthday, Events, Fashion

What a way to end my last day as a twenty-something, I was invited by Habchi & Chalhoub to attend a special event in which the stylist AlAnoud Badr (@Fozaza) presented the MICHAEL Michael Kors Holiday 2013 collection at their Avenues Store.


We were given a glimpse into what’s new and what’s hot and Ms. AlAnoud showed us her stylistic magic touch by presenting different looks using the Michael Kors Collection.


Here are some of my favorites.

Walking around the store we found different cool things to feast our eyes on, I personally loved the mini Selma crossbody bags and might be stopping to grab a funky color one for myself soon.

That’s not the cool thing, upon entering we had to fill out raffle tickets because a raffle was to take place later on in the evening on a ‘Selma’ Bag in Orange Saffiano color.


I was utterly shocked when I heard my name being called out as a winner, who knew that the night before my birthday I would be winning something cool as this!


Thanks to the kid who pulled out my name (don’t worry I didn’t bribe him to do that, I don’t even know him :P) And thanks to Habchi & Chalhoub for the lovely invitation and the cool way to say good-bye to my twenties.


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