Goodbye Twenties, Hello Dirty Thirties, Happy Birthday Me!

December 4, 2013  |  Birthday, My Life

Saying goodbye to the twenties felt like a sad thing really, I was sad for a little tiny bit because I will be closing that chapter in my life until I realized that in my twenties I learned a lot of things and I matured to a different level which meant that a lot of mistakes were formed and heart aches, etc.  So, saying Hello to the Thirties might not be such a bad thing after all, it just means I’m at a wiser stage in life and feeling more powered and confident in my skin! That’s when I realized I should just say Happy Birthday to the 30 year old me and embrace it.


Many people would have long check lists of things to do in their twenties, I thought of keeping one of those but then thought why should I live life by a checklist, why not be spontaneous and take it one day at a time and see how the tide takes me over that hill.  Which is why this past year I didn’t have a checklist but I did experience some things for the first time.  I met my beloved Steve Wozniak (had it been Steve Jobs I would’ve just died), I met Zachary Levi the gorgeous nerd from “Chuck” (had it been Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer or James Franco or even Johnny Depp I would’ve just died, came back, and died again a couple of times).  I got to have my first surgery ever (not that it was a fun thing but interesting to say something), I made more friends, kicked out others from the friends list and just embraced it.  I don’t know what else I did but I know that I took some risks.  I do hope that this year brings me an INSANE amount of happiness and joy! And to you all as well.

To my fellow Sagittarian birthdays I also wish you a Happy one! And Happy Birthday Little Jimmy (that’s me)!

Can’t wait to open presents and eat CAKE!

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  1. Happy birthday once again! Yes, I’m wishing you a happy birthday on each and every social media platform! I guess I left out twitter but I’m not sure if you still bother with it :)

    Here is to your sophisticated mature yet still youthful and fun 30’s :*

  2. Hi Jacqui,

    So sorry for can’t congratulate you in time (having a biz trip)… and after three days of hesitating I finally decided that to do late it’s better than not to do at all)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Jacqui, thanks for being with us for so long thanks for sharing with us your optimism, shiny mood and nice stories, special sincere for downright frankness. Please keep writing in 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and even in 70th we will be waiting for your full of happiness posts about Iphone 20s ; )

    As your soul had been sold for Apple many-many years ago my gift would be address to your “apple soul” =) It is software for MAC- ABBYY FineReader, hope it will help you to solve your day by day tasks, especially in your journalist job, because of its ability to convert scanned papers, images and non searchable PDFs into Word and the rest searchable formats.

    Here is the key: FSRR-1200-0003-4622-9769-9102
    Download program from here:

    P.S. Hope you will use it, because I really tried to find something useful… and smth. what I could send by e-mail =)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again dear Jacqui, love your COUCH AVENUE!