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December 13, 2013  |  Guest Writers, Techie

The US Department of Energy reports the average American household owns 25 consumer electronic devices that are left plugged in and draining energy while not in use. To add to the fire, Americans own billions of electronic products that end up in landfills when used or unwanted, leaching toxins and wasting valuable recyclable materials.


A good way to stop contributing to e-waste and cut your vampire energy is with green gadgets made from sustainable materials instead of plastic or with new technologies that lower your electricity use while you enjoy your tech toys. If you like your gadgets and have them plugged in all over the house, you might want to compare energy rates for utilities in your area to see if you would do better with a different provider.

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse


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Do your part to cut down on plastics in the environment when you want a new keyboard or mouse for your desktop computer. These computer peripherals are not encased in hard plastic but hand-carved bamboo, a 100 percent biodegradable, lightweight wood. It’s also very attractive to not only green your workstation but beautify it too. These cool gadgets are created by eco-conscious manufacturers like Impecca and iZen. 

Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger


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Stop wasting electricity by leaving your phone plugged in all night to recharge. The Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger is a green gadget to recharge your cell phone without wasting any electricity at all. Its one-click charging ensures you’ll never get stuck with a dead phone when you’re out and about. The unique GreenZero Technology automatically shuts off when your device is charged and doesn’t continue idling to eliminate standyby consumption. It also features a cord winder to keep cables untangled.

The Nest Thermostat



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The creators of the Nest thermostat claim it can save up to 20 percent on utility bills. Nest ‘learns’ your schedule and programs itself for maximum efficiency. This thermostat turns the heat or air conditioning off when no one’s around. It also has an adjustable schedule, an easy-to-read digital interface (displaying a green leaf when you’re saving energy), collects detailed information about your energy use and can be controlled remotely from your smartphone or other device.


Itron is a US provider of electricity, gas and water meters. Its smart electric meters are automatically read and enable utilities a way to implement time-based pricing. This in turn enables them to spread out electricity demand per federal law and charge more for power use during peak hours. Their product supports energy reduction and conservation.

Look for Green Gadgets


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The next time you’re in the mood for a new electronic toy, look for green gadgets powered by water, movement and the sun. The GoalZero compact solar power generator for camping and emergencies uses free energy from the sun to keep your lights or cell phones going when the power goes out. A water-powered clock frees you from vampire energy to wake up on time. Create your own kinetic power with the Empower energy-generating rocking chair.


Emily Watson works for an alternative energy company and writes for several green-living magazines.

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