[TV Shows] Cancellations & Renewals of Jan. 2014

January 28, 2014  |  Fall TV 2013, Mid-Season 2014, TV

January is almost over and there have been many cancellations and renewals of our favorite shows (or rather just some of mine) so here is the latest updated list of cancellations and renewals.


First up in the cancellations, is the new HBO tv show “HELLO LADIES“.  This new comedy show was co-written, directed by and starring Stephen Merchant.  The series follows a 6 foot 7 inch gawky englishman who is searching for the woman of his dreams in Los Angeles.  He thinks he’s the shizzles, charming insanely amazing dude, but he comes off as a major douche bag who is just trying too hard.  The series follows him around and we see the failed love encounters if you can call them that.

That’s not all, let’s see who else got the ax this early on in the season.




  • GIRL MEETS WORLD gets picked up and expanded to 21 episodes for Season 1 by Disney
  • UNDER THE DOME will premiere Season 7 on JUNE 30 on CBS
  • FARGO 10-part limited series will premiere APRIL 15 on FX
  • 24:LIVE ANOTHER DAY will have a special two-hour premiere MAY 5 on FOX
  • MINDGAMES will now premiere earlier on FEB 25 on ABC
  • BLACKBOX will premiere Thursday, APRIL 24 on ABC
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  1. All that matters is JACK BAUER AND 24!!!! HE LIVES!!! WE KNEW HE WOULD BE BACK! HE IS KING!

    The NewsRoom was a good show! I always enjoyed it!

    Keep up the updates! I don’t read the internet anymore! loooool!

    MY THEMEEEEE! hahahahaha

  2. I am NOT upset about Hello Ladies getting cancelled. That show almost gave me a stroke. UGH!

    Boardwalk Empire had a good run, glad we’re getting one more season. Will miss the crew though!

  3. hi Jacqui

    What is your favorite TV show !

  4. I was wondering when season 2 of Bitten comes back on I need to know please