[TV Shows] Mid-Season 2014 Premiere Dates

January 28, 2014  |  Fall TV 2013, Mid-Season 2014, TV

I’ve been procrastinating this post for the past 3 weeks actually I had most of it done and then stopped, new premiere dates for TV Shows came up and I added those then stopped before I was done and more shows, lather rinse repeat.  Fortunately I pushed myself to finish the graphic I had for this post and thus I present to you, the ‘Mid-Season TV Shows 2014 Premiere Dates‘.  I’ve actually started watching a few of those shows and I have actually fallen in love with some.


So, these past few weeks we saw the returns of many of our favorite shows such as “Episodes“, “House of Lies“, “Shameless“, “Girls“, “Single Ladies“, “Switched at Birth“, “The Fosters“, “The Following“, “Cougar Town“, “Pretty Little Liars“, “Ravenswood“, “Psych“, “American Idol“, “Baby Daddy“, “Melissa & Joey“, “Men at Work“, “Suburgatory“, “Community“, “Saving Hope“, “Banshee“, and “Hollywood Game Night“.

But the list doesn’t stop there because we also saw the premieres of “True Detective” (haven’t seen it yet), “Looking” (it is said to be the male version of ‘Girls’), “Intelligence” (haven’t tackled the few episodes), “Bitten” (absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW! WEREWOLVES!), “Chozen” (couldn’t get through the first episode), “Killer Women” (actually LIKED this show it was kind of funky different, I can’ t wait for new episodes!), “Being Mary Jane” (THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!! GABRIELLE UNION LOVE!), “Chicago PD” (still haven’t seen it), “Rake” (premiered last weekend it was kind of cool not sure though how it will play out), “Enlisted” (a comedy about the failures in the Army hehe kind of funny and cool), and “Helix” (haven’t seen it yet).

I can’t wait for the other shows to premiere later on in the next two months and the return of giants such as “Game of Thrones“, “Veep“, “Mad Men“, and more.

P.S. “Mr. Selfridge” has just returned as well with 2 episodes under its belt into the second season.

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