I’m Still Alive

April 7, 2014  |  My Life, Random, Rants

I’m still alive and around, I know I pretty much haven’t been updating as often as I should and I deserve a real kick in the bum but I promise (yes this time I will keep it) [no really I will keep it] to write more if only a few lines to get the voices out of my head.

Yes although I am somewhat sane, I tend to have voices talking to me in my head sometimes and they just can’t stop. Life as an unemployed individual is really not always that fun, especially since you can’t travel on your own funds and waste the time on a never-ending vacation. I have pretty much depleted all of my savings and funds and am beyond literally broke!

Things might be “somewhat” looking up as I am in the final process of finalizing my papers for a Government job. Yes the Private sector has deemed me not “fresh” enough or not “experienced” enough to hire and thus the dilemma of walking in either too qualified or not qualified enough has haunted me. Not to mention how they want an MBA simply because they just do. I mean, it’s good that I even graduated university and didn’t drop out like my idol Steven Paul Jobs! *Just Kidding* (seriously I’m kidding)! Oh wow, how I missed this sort of babbling on endlessly (hopefully not since this post has to end) and just writing out what those voices in my head say. I have silenced them for so long.

Damn, I have missed you blog, seriously missed you! I now understand why I feel so lonely some days! I have tried to replace my blog with Instagram (@Jacqui) or reading books and watching TV shows and that just doesn’t help me vent out.

I will now vent once a day! :P Watch out! To those of you who are still around, *waves hello!*

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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. That’s good news, because i have your blog in my bookmark and im check it everyday. I like what you write, although you don’t write much so i was reading your old posts :) .

    Welcome back to blogging daily ;) lucky me

  2. I wish i could write same like you, its like my thought i cant write i seen in you bloggs, lol. Im having my 2nd gen kindle from amazon and im eager to read (not romance or fictions) about life and technologies because i want to improve my writing and speaking skill (for job/ social).

    I happen to hop in your blog about Aramex=Rip that is stumble in google, lol, unfortunately those are closed so i cant add my comment.

    Im happy that your back and active, i find your writings pure and some (kinda humurous)..

    • Awwwww thanks a bunch, glad to see some new silent readers speaking up and I love that you find my writings pure and humorous I try really to silence the voices in my head but sometimes they get the best of me.