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April 23, 2014  |  Guest Writers, Techie

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Your passion for collecting coins, stamps, comics or music has expanded beyond what you can do in a spiral notebook. It’s time to go high-tech. Tap into these apps for your iPhone or iPad and get your collection organized for sale, trade or just to put on display.

Stamp collection

The iPhone 5s from T-Mobile comes loaded with apps, but nothing you can really use for cataloging your collection. There are several apps available from the iTunes store that fall into two categories:

  • General databases
  • Specific databases

General databases can be customized for whatever information you want to keep. While very flexible, these apps don’t come with features made just for coin, movie, book or other specific collections.

Specific databases are designed for your favorite type of collection. These come with features just for your items, such as a coin references or an album cover searches. However, you’ll have little flexibility to add your own fields.

General Database Apps

allThings — This app requires iOS 7 and is optimized for the iPhone 5. It includes templates for collections like DVDs, watches, coins, artwork and books. You can also create your own templates. Search using different terms and sort by any field. Add your own images and icons, or download them from the Internet.

Export your data to use in spreadsheets or send the data to others. Manage a wishlist of future purchases and share those with friends. Publish your collection online in a blog or Facebook post. The developer notes its primary goal is ease of use. $3.99.

My Collectibles/eBay Accountant — You can use this app to store multiple collections and make them available to your eBay account. The general database structure allows you to manage different items in the same category. For instance, catalog Beatles posters, music and videos under the same category as well as under their own specific groups.

Add multiple photos, text and voice notes to each item. The app will create an eBay listing from the information in your collection. Report options show you sales and capital gains for your tax purposes. $2.99.

CollectorZ (CLZ) — This application is available pre-configured for different collection types including books, movies, music, comics and video games. Each version comes in a Windows/Mac version, a cloud-based version and a mobile app. For example, the CLZ Movie database mobile app for iPhone and iPad runs on any iOS device with iOS 5 or higher. You can also sync your mobile database with the cloud version and desktop. $14.99.

Each of these apps makes use of online searches to automatically load information for you. For example, the CLZ movie app will search for cover art, plots and cast and crew information just by entering the movie title. Or you can scan the barcode on the movie box. Add custom information such as ratings, personal notes, purchase information and condition of the item.

Specific Database Apps

US Coin Collector — This app requires iOS 6.1 or later. It comes with an extensive built-in dictionary of all currently circulating U.S. coins. Use stock photos or upload your own to show the actual condition. Add personal notes and pricing details. $1.99

A $7.99 upgrade, US Coin Premium Collector, includes multiple reports and a cloud-based backup and restore. The dictionary includes additional entries for such things as gold coins and early American Colonials and Commemoratives. This app links to the Heritage Auctions Archives to search for coin values.

Sports Card Album — This app requires iOS 7 or later. Upload your card images to custom albums. Create albums of your favorite cards or teams and share them online with friends. Follow your friends and their collections and create fantasy baseball or football team albums.

This app links with the Sports Card Album site, which offers free registration. Upload your own cards and sync them with your iPhone database. The site emphasizes the social aspect of sports card collecting with forums and chat capability. $3.99.

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