[TV] Colin Hanks Talks Having the Best Scene of the “Fargo” Premiere

May 8, 2014  |  Guest Writers, Mid-Season 2014, TV

Because I am a TV junkie I love sharing any article that comes my way in regards to any new show out there. I was recently referred to the below article written by Diana Price for CableTV and thought what better way to enlighten my readers than to give you a sweet little glimpse and point you right back to the original source.


Colin Hanks has carved out his own distinguished acting career in the shadow of his father, Tom, and his latest role is in the critically-acclaimed FX series “Fargo.” As Gus Grimly, Hanks plays a meek police officer who, in a pivotal scene of the premier, lets bad guy Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) get away after he pulls him over for routine traffic stop. And we aren’t talking a mere oversight here; Malvo tells him point blank he’s a bad guy and it’s in his best interest to just let him go for his and his daughter’s sake, and Gus does.

We joined Hanks on a media call to discuss the complexities of his flawed but well-meaning character, and in particular, getting that scene right.

[Read the Interview Here]

Thanks Ryann!

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  1. No problem, Jacqui! Thanks for sharing! Fargo is definitely picking up steam as one of the hottest new shows on TV. Oh, and Colin is super cute. Lol :)

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