A Decade Of Existence (Happy 10th Blog-o-versary)

May 17, 2014  |  Birthday, Blog News

Ten years, ten freaking years of existence in this cyber world! Who knew that back in 2004 when I first began this blog that I will actually stick with it for 10 years.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would accomplish what I have done with this blog.  To tell you the truth the moment I started it I felt that it will be like my other failed attempts at keeping a diary where I would give up 5 pages in.  I am now 10 years into this blog.  I have lost my way a couple of times, went into hibernation mode (still am in a way but I am slowly shedding that agoraphobia I have acquired in the past years with my blog) but in the end I am staying true to myself.


This blog has always been and will always be a personal space where I unleash my thoughts, ramblings, rants, obsessions and more.  My obsessions at the moment revolve around technology, gadgets, and television shows.  I shy away from a lot of the “journalistic” reporting of events and such and try to be unique.  I feel if I am not unique then why even bother writing that one piece I wish to share with the world.

During this past year of blogging, I haven’t insanely improved on the year before, I think I have performed equal but my presence on the social media platform Instagram has increased as I find people are more keen on reading short picture posts rather than long ramblings which I often am accused of.  I welcome all my new and existing readers, new guest writers, and definitely everyone else out there who are just now stumbling upon this page.  Without you I am nothing (not really but I would have no readers :P I’m always awesome! :P)

This year I will be embarking on new things for this space, I will be unveiling a new image and perhaps new look but all in good time! I just wanted to thank you all and hope you have a great May 17th with me, may all your wishes come true!

P.S. Those of you celebrating a 10th anniversary probably know that the best gift should be tin or aluminum and since the Apple lineup is consisting of anodized aluminum products, I will be accepting any of them :P

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  1. كل عام وانتي وبلوغج بخير .. هاي تن ييرس

  2. mashallah mashallah you’re a dinasour now :P