The Dangers of Binge-Watching PSA

August 17, 2014  |  Fun, TV

I personally binge-watch non stop sometimes, and there are some series I just can’t keep on watching when they air so I save them up until the end.  Hell I have a few shows on the back burner right now and I need to catch up with them.  It seems there is a danger to binge watching TV :P Here are some celebrities warning against it or rather giving you some guidelines.

So stay hydrated and don’t watch more than 13 episodes at a time! That’s something cool sometimes you can do just that especially when playing a show in the background! :P  Oh and “Don’t binge-watch CNN.”

Oh and P.S. I’m semi-back (again)!

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  1. Great timing.. I just binge watched the whole Hemlock Grove season2.

  2. That is just fucking awesome!!!

    Loved it! These guys are hilarious!

    I have done binge watching as much as I used to!

    I would max out at about 6 episodes before getting up and doing something else!

    The only major binge watching I do is when I can’t sleep at all!

    Welcome back!

    Waiting for your TV Shows for Fall 2014 post!

  3. huh? lol as if you’re knowing what we’re doing doing :P

    I’ve just finished binging on BATB S2 & TNS S1 now i’m thinking which show to binge on next :P