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August 31, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

The CW this year decided to green light only four shows and therefore making this list the easiest and simplest of them all.  Two shows were given a mid-season airing date while two will air in October.  Also something to note is that BEAUTY & THE BEAST as well as HART OF DIXIE haven’t received an airing date therefore they too will be postponed for mid-season as well.  So let’s get to introducing the new shows:

The CW Network


THE FLASH: (Airing Tuesdays) is a spin-off action drama from the creators of ARROW starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, the fastest man alive.  [PREMIERES OCT 7]

Seeing the pre-pilot episode within ARROW’s Season 2 gave me a glimpse of excitement and really I’m a sucker for some comic book TV Shows (Marvel ruined me for anything else) and can we all agree that Grant Gustin is mucho caliente and muy delicioso!

JANE THE VIRGIN: (Airing Mondays) based on a Venezuelan telenovela, Gina Rodriguez stars as a Latina woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated.  The key thing to note here is that she’s a virgin who has made a promise to her Grandmother never to have intercourse before marriage. [PREMIERES OCT 13]

Now that THE CARRIE DIARIES and GOSSIP GIRL are out of The CW’s roster I think the CW wanted to gain some of their light hearted show watchers with this new drama especially since everything else on the network is either supernatural or comic book like except for HART OF DIXIE and REIGN.  I do hope this turns out to be something amazing.  I miss light shows.

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