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September 5, 2014  |  Random, Rants

These past couple of weeks, hell these past couple of years I have felt the least bit like myself than I have ever in my life.  Wait do you think that makes sense? What I mean to say that there are more days than I can count where I felt I am a different person and not that “Somebody that I used to know.. somebodyyyyyy..” (ok enough singing!).  Life has a funny way of catching up with you and just either dragging you down, that is if you let it or lifting you up.

One of my recent troubles lately is that I now understand why government jobs for those of us who love to work or love to produce are more like a death sentence than anything else.  There are days at work where I have NOTHING to do at all, and then there are those where everyone just remembers that I exist and pile up pointless work on top of me.  I am pretty much a glorified administrative assistant (see what I did there, I just flipped Secretary to Admin Assistant :P).  I mean I am baffled by how crazy things are, for example a menial job would be: Person A writes an official paper then calls for Person B and C to sit down together and proof-read the paper by, and I am serious here, by sitting down and having Person B read along from the new document while Person C follows on the previous document.  Since when does proof-reading take 2 people? The things one sees in the government sector.

I miss the private sector, I miss being able to accomplish something.  In all my previous jobs I felt a sense of gratification and satisfaction when I saw that one thing I made come to life.  Whether it was during my Banking days when I would help out customers by opening accounts, applying for loans, or whatever they wanted those who were in dire straits and got their money in a speedy manner were ever so thankful and just made you feel “Oh wow, I am totally awesome!” or even my Newspaper days where I would go in and pick out the stories I wanted to share with the readers and just edit and organize things so people can read the paper.  I would open it the next day and say to myself “HEY I MADE THIS!” It was just totally awesome.

At least I still have my blog to make me feel awesome, and the fact that the more experiences I drum up and add to my roster the better a person I can be with all that knowledge.  I really truly like learning everything it doesn’t matter what but its just fun because then I know how things work (remember that book back in the day?) and that allows me to deal with things in a better manner.

Anyways enough ranting, and do enjoy my Fall 2014 TV posts below because I know some of you live for them! :P

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  1. okay, i think its about damn time i made a comment here. i have been a follower of your blog for such a long time! back when scarletlights was my source of fresh story/blog entertainment. so anyway, i just had this need to comment on this post because i know exactly how you feel, heck, right now im typing on this stiff dell keyboard at work while glaring at the pile of things i have to finish by the end of the day (yeah, not going to happen since the other two people who have to proof read the papers arent even at their desks…and its been over an hour!) why should i be the one who rushes to complete anything and in the end dont get credit for actually finishing on time. i want to accomplish something awesome and be recognized with it, but this government job just sucks the life out of me. i honestly feel like theres nothing else in this world worth the time and energy.

    im not going to bore you with my endless work drama, but i just wanted to say, you are not alone sista! we must stay strong and stick together through this chapter until something more desirable comes along. inshallah.

    oh and by the way, as if watching similar shows and electronic addicts (my family actually thinks i have a problem, how dare they!), i too am born on december 4! how weird is that! i honestly think that we have been friends in another life or something, cause the similarities are insane. i apologize for rambling, but this is what happens when an anonymous reader actually comments.