The One Where Jacqui is Unmasked

October 9, 2014  |  My Life, Shout Outs

Contrary to popular belief, I am not some fat girl-dude (curvy maybe sometimes when I overindulge in burgers and pizza) but I am a human being.  Many of you my faithful readers might have imagined I would look something like this:


But in reality I am far away from it.  I have given you the image of being lazy, over weight, living on a couch, and just existing online and in your imaginations but I am real.  This month Bazaar Magazine decided I was interesting enough to interview for their “TRUTH OR DARE” segment and at first I was reluctant to come out with the real me, but then I was like “Bah humbug!”

I am quite proud of this awesome article and thus sharing it with you in its Online Website Form & via their Online Magazine ISSUU in hope you might find it interesting to.


Read the Article on their Website

Read it as it appears in the magazine on Issuu

or just pick up a copy when you visit any of the coffee shops that carry Bazaar Magazine!

BlogJacquiSo what does this mean for the future of Jacqui Doll? Well nothing I will keep on using my avatar to mask my personality but now that the cat is out of the bag, I might just might feature more of myself, but then again Jacqui has been doing a great job of it!

Oh and CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who knew it was me but wasn’t sure, now you have confirmation and for those of you who don’t know me and finally get to see me.  Bear in mind that I have hidden my eye glasses just for the sake of it :P I’m having a Clark Kent/Superman moment! :P  But the moment I put them back on, I imagine both Jacqui Doll and I share a bunch of similarities, then again I made her.

It has taken me 10 years to lift the mask hiding my face but who knows what the next 10 years will help unmask? :P  For now drop me a line if you have read the article and share your thoughts.  I would love to hear them!!

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  1. Way to go Jaqui and congrats on being featured in the Bazaar magazine (one of my fav mags)!!

  2. That is great that you agreed to show the real you!! Unfortunately there are so many bloggers here that blog about themselves almost constantly and 90% of what they say is bs! It’s nice to see someone who isn’t afraid to say, “hey, this is me, this is my blog, take it or hit the pavement.” Kudos!

    • Aww this comment has just put an insanely large smile on my face. I am glad you find me refreshing in my honesty and to tell you the truth I am this way regarding everything in life. Friends sometimes tell me I can be too harsh but I follow the mantra, “Take it or leave it.. I don’t care”. And if I love you enough then I will be so blunt and straight forward just to help improve you and tell you things that others are too afraid to mention.

  3. Great Interview! I never knew that the cat was in the bag in the first place! Looooool!

    And yes you are a very interesting person/apple psycho! looool

    • Awww thanks you are interesting yourself. And it has always been in the bag but I slowly unveiled name, and now face. Only those who invite me to events will know who I am but now everyone should LOL :P