[TV] Renewals & Cancellations Late October 2014

November 9, 2014  |  Fall TV 2014, TV

Since I last left you there have been some new renewals and cancellations on the list.  Along with new information as to when your favorite mid-season shows will be returning, some will be returning for their final seasons.  Interested to find out more then keep on reading.


Among the Fall’s newest shows we saw the renewal and full season order of FOREVER, along with the cancellations of SELFIE, A TO Z, and BAD JUDGE.  It was no shocker for the cancelled shows but FOREVER was a welcome surprise in which we get to see more of our favorite Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Morgan.




  • THE MENTALIST will be returning for final 7th Season on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30
  • GALAVANT (new) will premiere on SUNDAY, JANUARY 4
  • COUGAR TOWN will be back for its final season on TUESDAY, JANUARY 6
  • MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER (new) will premiere on TUESDAY, JANUARY 6
  • HART OF DIXIE will return for Season 4 on FRIDAY, JANUARY 9
  • BANSHEE will return for Season 3 on FRIDAY, JANUARY 9
  • GIRLS will return for Season 4 on SUNDAY, JANUARY 11
  • LOOKING will return for Season 2 on SUNDAY, JANUARY 11
  • TOGETHERNESS (new comedy) will premiere on on SUNDAY, JANUARY 11
  • MARRY ME gets 5 more episodes making it have 18 episode in its first run.

And there you have it.  The TV News round-up, if you are enjoying this do drop a line so I know someone out there is reading my jibberish :P

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  1. Good to hear they renewed Forever, it looks like a promising show with plenty material to work on. As for the cancelled ones like Selfie and A to Z………..we all knew it was coming!

    Thanks for the update.