Samsung’s Galaxy Note Series Gets an Upgrade

March 22, 2015  |  Guest Writers, Techie

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The Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s latest release, is easily one of the best phablets on the market. Designed to be the fastest, most responsive and easiest to use, the Galaxy Note 4 is quickly becoming the standard all future phablets will be judged against. Here are just a few features that make it stand out:




The Note 4 comes with a stylus that can be tucked away within the phone. It is the only mainstream device with a pen attachment of any kind, and it makes navigating, writing and drawing a breeze. It also lets you customize and choose from a quick use menu, which is accessible by just the touch of a button.


With a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display and an industry-leading resolution of 2560 x 1440p, the display is easily one of the best on the market. The pixel density soars over last year’s model to an impressive 515 ppi, which means your pictures and videos will be crystal clear, even at the highest resolution.


Samsung designed the hardware to have metal edges to give it a crisp, clear look, but returned to their trademark design with plastic backing. The advantage is that the plastic back makes the device easier to hold with one hand, and it reduces the weight of the device to 6.21 ounces.


When you combine the Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, which clocks in at 2.7GHz, with Adreno 420 GPU and 3 GB of RAM, this is easily one of the fastest phablets on the market. It also comes with a 32 GB micro SD card (upgradable to 128 GB), 4G LTE compatibility, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. And, one of the best features is the robust 3220mAh battery with the adaptive fast charge capability, which can charge your phone to 50 percent in about 30 minutes.


Samsung once again created an easy-to-navigate user interface with Android’s KitKat 4.4. With this software you have different panes that you can customize. The left most pane, called briefing, is a customizable news feed, and your other panes can be personalized with quick launch icons and widgets for easy access. It also can do split screen and multiple tabs, and you can even scale down the size if you need to use the phone one-handed.


For all you selfie lovers, the front camera has 3.7 MP and a wide angle lens that can take panorama shots for big groups. But even better, the back camera boasts an impressive 16 MP, giving you clearer images. The built in optical image stabilization helps when taking photos of moving objects and especially when using the Ultra HD 4K video option.

Some other features include a fingerprint scanner for added security and a heart rate monitor for all you exercise buffs.

All in all, the Galaxy Note 4 is one of Samsung’s best phones. Its reliability, ease of use and multi-tasking capabilities are just some of the features that will make you want to upgrade your smartphone. And, when paired with the large screen and S-pen stylus, you can get rid of your old smartphone and tablet and have everything you need in one device.

[Side Note: I still find Apple iPhone’s superior to the Samsung Galaxy line-up but I felt that some of you who follow Samsung news might be interested in this article.]

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