Must. Be. Active.

April 6, 2015  |  Random, Rants

I keep trying to write about my life, but due to it being so depressingly boring I find that nothing important is there to write about.  I can write about the imaginary world I live in, but then again I forget about it the minute I open this “Add New Post” page and back to writer’s block (I wish).

Pretty soon it’ll be a year since I started working in a government job, or rather a job in one of the ministries out there.  To say this is a dream come true is a shocking untruth! I actually have started to hate it and want something better out of it.  I hate it because I feel (and yes I might be a bit narcissistic here and thinking too much of myself) I feel that I am way over qualified for everything that I’m doing there.

Some tasks that would take people days to finish I can finish in an hour or two and that’s without even trying too hard to finish it fast, hell its without trying at all.  Work is well put and just looks extra perfect and neat.

Bah, I’m just depressed again.  I blame it on hormones and shizzle! My brain is fried in a way and I can’t seem to find a way to unfry it.  But let’s hope tomorrow is a good day.

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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. I can’t blame you, I have been on writers block for a while and I’m making it a point to live life more then living the online life!

    We are supposed to be happy with what we do and I’m trying to do just that!!

    The TV shows help though! Lol

    • I agree sometimes you need to ignore the online life and live the real one but then again I miss that online life I love so much :s

  2. First of all, your life is not “boring”. If, for example, me or the other person think it is- it doesn’t really matter to you, does it? You have 50 others who don’t think so.

    Sometimes I feel you don’t write these posts for advice so I’m not going to give one but perhaps it could be reassuring to know we’re all in the same boat. We all miss our active blogs and “expressive” selves- if that’s how to describe it. I also think some of us pine for our old happy days more than others because we don’t have a lot of responsibilities compared to some. It kind of makes you feel like you’re left behind because others moved on with other things but we still want to retain the old happier days.

    For what it’s worth, I lost all of my readers and I’m lucky if my daily traffic passes beyond 1 or 2 readers a week. The sad part is that blogs are not popular anymore in Kuwait but you’re smart to realize that and I noticed you focused on reviewing episodes on Instagram instead.

    If your job is the main source of your unhappiness then leave. I spent 10 years in the government sector, 6 of which were absolute nightmare. I understand how hard it is and frankly if I could turn back time, I’d choose something else.

    Life is too short. Do what makes you happy. Travel, explore, try new things- and yes WRITE ABOUT THEM. Your friends are still reading your blog. You still have a reasonable amount of readers. You just need to keep the ball moving and hopefully you’ll get there.