Five Best Cars for Tech-Savvy Drivers

August 2, 2015  |  Cars, Guest Writers

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The world’s best cars don’t just compete for engine power, safety and fuel efficiency, now they’re competing for the latest technology inside the cabin. Everything from GPS navigation to Bluetooth connectivity changes your experience on the road. Whether you’re window shopping for a dream car or looking for a real purchase, keep an eye on some of these manufacturers giving priority to tech on the road.


Tesla Motors Model S

Tesla Motors is a California auto manufacturer headed by Elon Musk, the mind behind PayPal and SpaceX. Unlike any major car maker in the world, Tesla produces only electric vehicles like its flagship, the Model S.

The Model S is the car from the future. It requires no gas, accelerates 0 to 60 mph in three seconds, features a giant touch screen for a center console and even has door handles that lie flush with the panel and automatically pop out as the driver approaches the car. Since the Model S doesn’t use a traditional combustion engine, it doesn’t need oil changes or regular maintenance, and software updates to the car’s system are downloadable over the air.


BMW i8

If the Model S is the car of the future, the BMW i8 looks like the car of the future. This performance hybrid looks like a concept but is in full production with both a rear combustion engine and electric motor in the front. The i8 has four driving modes that range from sport (uses all of the combustion engine) to eDrive (all electric).


BMW i3

If the i8 is out of your price range (it can cost well over six figures), it’s little brother, the i3, is the perfect solution. The i3 starts at $42,000 and has an impressive range of 150 miles. It doesn’t have the supercar style of its older brother, but it’s one of the best electric cars for the middle class on the market, and it still looks plenty futuristic.


Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot has tech, luxury and affordability. This American classic is a great vehicle to buy new or find used from retailers across the country. It has large wheels and a powerful engine and also gets 30 mpg on the highway, letting you go farther. The Patriot is all about connectivity. With the Uconnect System and navigation by Garmin, your phone connects to the console to control everything from calls, texts, music and more, all hands free. And since this Jeep can go almost anywhere off the road, you need both hands for the wheel.


Chevrolet Volt

Electric cars range from the expensive Tesla Model S and BMW i8 to the less expensive i3, but none can hold a candle to the price tag of the Chevy Volt. The $26,000 American-made sedan is packed with tech in the cabin like LCD displays and an optional 4G hotspot. It resembles a normal car on the outside and comes with the freedom of leaving the gas station behind because of its all-electric motor.

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