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Ramadan TV 2018 List is Available Now

May 18, 2018  |  Ramadan TV

Ramadan Kareem to You All! As per the tradition every year, I have made a list of all the TV Shows airing this Ramadan and tried my best to get everything correct before releasing it.  The timings should be correct but networks sometimes fidget with it.


All timings reflect Kuwait’s viewing time (GMT +3)

Meaning I put everything and when it airs based on Kuwait and KSA time zone :P

So without further ado, here is the Ramadan TV 2018 list for both Arabic and Khaleeji Shows!

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Blogging since 2004 – Happy 14th Blog-o-versary

May 17, 2018  |  Blog News

Wow, it’s been 14 freaking years of blogging, well sorry blog I think the last 4 years I’ve been super bad and not highly active.  I am not sure why this is happening but then again I remember something my Uncle-in-law said when I was like 18-ish or something.  He was like you keep me up to date with the latest Computer Tech Talk because right now I have no time for it and I just can’t.  He was in his mid-30s at the time.  I am in that time period as well hehe therefore I think I am in that stage of life.  I barely can keep up with myself.

Anyways I thought it was best to drop by and wish myself a Happy Blog-o-versary! And here is hoping that my micro-blogging days with my Instagram account (@Jacqui) doesn’t die out.

P.S. You know what I think for this Ramadan I will be posting one post a day and getting back into it!  I really hope I don’t give up!