My name in this cyber space is Jacqui (previously known as Jackie), a name derived from more than one favorite thing that I love about this world. Well not really the entire world but basically this name was born after watching the movie “From Hell” back in 2001 I believe. I fell so in love with the character of Jack the Ripper, why I don’t know but basically I loved the character and how he is like a derranged killer and all so I had to use it, therefore I became “Jackie the Ripperess” I would do everything Jack did but to men this time. Fun ain’t it? As the years passed by, well I grew to like the nickname even more especially after watching “Pirates of the Carribbean”. If you haven’t noticed the common link between both movies is Johnny Depp. In this movie Johnny is the character “Jack Sparrow” ring any bells? Yes Jack! so I started to enjoy that. May 17th 2004, the first day I started blogging, I was thinking of a unique name to use for my blog and found that Jackie was taken so I resorted to “Jaggie”. That nickname uses my initials in its first three letters and well stands for my favorite car as well a “Jaguar” if you haven’t noticed. Basically this is the history and about me and my nickname. You still don’t know anything about me yet don’t you?

Well I am a 30-something year old Kuwaiti Girl. My birthday happens to be on the best day of the year (to me that is!) December 4th (Which means I’m a Sagittarius! Woohoo We Rule!). I was born in the United States. And I was raised my entire life in Kuwait. I am the oldest of 4 more siblings. They are all girls, which means I have 4 sisters. The age difference between me and the rest of them is really huge yet between themselves it isn’t that much. My parents are both wonderful people who have laid out everything for us, bear in mind we aren’t the typical rich family and all but we are rich in our education and love for each other. My father is an Art Genius, which I am happy to say that I got part of my creativity from him. On the other hand, my mother is the Computer Genius (well not anymore hehe) whom I have inherited my computer and technology obsessing gene. Father loves technology as much as I do, but he has me do all the manual reading in order to help him operate things. Basically that was all about my family.

As for my hobbies, they aren’t that many well they used to be hehe but computing and technology has taken over. I love to read (alot), I love to watch movies, television series, and basically any television show. I also enjoy listening to music, anything except rock, punk, metal, and noisy stuff that hurts my ears. The internet is a passion for me, blogging along with it. Making friends, used to be considered as a hobby now it’s more less than a hobby since I think I have enough friends, but there is always room for more friends. (Contradictory a bit isn’t it? Well that’s Jackie!)

To talk about my personality is a hard thing, therefore, I leave it to my readers to read about it through the content of my posts and my blog. I hope though that this serves as a nice guide to learning more “About Jackie”.


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  1. i love ur blog

    but u havent mentioned wut is ur study field ? is reading a hobby ? or is it actually connected to ur study ur study major ? i have a feeling that ur a literature student.

    best of luck