[Apple] iPad 2 Available for Ordering NOW!

March 11, 2011  |  Apple, iPad, My New Toys, New Products

For those waiting to take the plunge, the iPad 2 has now become available on the Apple Store (US) and is available for ordering.  It’s been available for the past 15 minutes or less! I officially placed an order on two models! (White 3G + Wifi 64GB) as well as (Black 3G + Wifi 64GB) Shipping estimate is going to be 3-5 business days let’s hope they come earlier than that!


[Apple] iPad 2 Shipping on March 11th

March 3, 2011  |  Apple, I want.., New Products, Techie

So I woke up this morning all happy and cheery because Apple was holding it’s iPad 2 event and announcing the next generation of iPads! And they looked bad ass too! They have made some significant changes, hell some might say they are kinda major in one way or another. All rumors were pointing towards a major redesign however others stated that we shouldn’t get our hopes up, mine were up and well met! Below you’ll see what’s new and now I am confused as to what color to get, only thing I know for sure is that I’m ordering both the Black and White next week and well whichever color I don’t choose will go to my mother :D This is what happened in today’s event!

Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance and spoke to us first giving us some important numbers, 100 million books have been downloaded to date from the iBook Store and not only that, but Random House is bringing their entire US Catalog which has more than 17,000 titles to the store. [Link] Reading is definitely an awesome thing to do on the iPad and iOS devices.  Not only was that important but Apple has recently shipped its 100 millionth iPhone (woooohooo!) and sold 15 million iPads in 2010 which as Steve Jobs puts it “more than every tablet PC ever sold” now that’s awesome since there are now more than 65,000 Apps available specifically for the iPad in comparison to Honeycomb’s 100 apps. [Link]

Next came the announcement every Apple fanboy and fangirl have been waiting for! The iPad 2! [Link]

  1. All new design, not tweaked, not marginal improvements but a new design.
  2. New Chip: The Apple A5 Dual Core Processor which gives you up to 2 times faster, Graphics up to 9 times faster, uses the same low power as A4 and the first dual-core tablet to ship in volume.
  3. Thinner: It is 33% thinner than the first generation iPad making it 8.8 mm vs the 13.4 mm of the previous models.
  4. Lighter: It went from 1.5 lbs to a mere 1.3 lbs not a significant change in numbers but it’s easier to hold and has a better feel to it.
  5. Dual cameras: Front and Rear Facing Cameras
  6. Two Colors Availability Instantly: Black and White available.
  7. Same 10 hour battery life that we all love!
  8. Same price points, capacities, starts at 499$ for the 16GB Wifi Model and goes all the way up to 829$ for the 64GB 3G+Wifi Model
  9. HDMI Mirrored Video Out from Dock Connector also available for 39$, this adapter provides up to 1080p for all apps while allowing charging.
  10. Ships on March 11th to the US and 26 more countries on March 26!

Not only that, but we saw an introduction to the Smart Covers: Instead of giving the iPad a Case, a cover was made that bends around and acts as a typing stand, automatically wakes the iPad when opened, sleeps iPad when closed, it’s magnetic.  It comes in two models Polyurethane for 39$ or leather for 69$ in assorted colors (5 different ones for each model), it’s insanely easy to remove! [Link]

iOS 4.3 was also introduced in which we’ll see a significantly faster Safari, Javascript is 2 times faster,  iTunes Home Sharing, Airplay Improvements (third party apps and websites can now do video and audio! [Yay CinexPlayer], iPad Switch can now be used for mute or rotation, Personal Hotspot (iPhone 4 only), and Photobooth is available only for the iPad. [Link]

Two final apps got some lovin’ the iMovie for iPAd which has a new Precision Editor, Multitrack Audio Recording, Airplay, and is now universal between iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.   And the introduction of a new app GarageBand for iPad which gives you Touch instruments, or you could plugin real instruments, and lots more music loving things; both apps available on March 11th and each priced at 4.99$. [Link]

Thanks Stevie for bringing me out of another mood by giving me something new to obsess over!

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[New Products] Apple Updates The MacBook Pro Line

February 25, 2011  |  Apple, New Products, Techie

Late Thursday evening (24th February) Apple celebrated Steve Jobs birthday by announcing an update to their MacBook Pro Line.  However, not all of the rumors that were circulating around the internet came true, we did not see a brand new redesign nor did we see the elimination of the optical drive.  The updates were more in terms of speed instead of design and so here is a summary of the updates:

Apple included Quad Core CPUs into all of their notebooks, starting from the 13″ high end model and ending with the 17″ model Quad Core i7 processors are included which is awesome! It’ll be insanely fast! While many of the available applications may not take advantage of all 4 cores, the Sandy Bridge processors include Intel’s Turbo Boost 2.0 which should increase the speed of the remaining cores.  Apple also included a hybrid Thunderbolt/mini Display port on the new MacBook Pros and represents Intel’s Light Peak technology which gives high speed connections and is expected to replace the need for USB 3.0.

The new models available at the Apple Store are as follows:

  • Base 13″ Model: 2.3GHz Dual i5 Intel Processor, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Intel HD Graphics 1280×800 Display [$1199]
  • High End 13″ Model: 2.7GHz Dual i7 Intel Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Intel HD Graphics 1280×800 Display [$1499]
  • Base 15″ Model: 2.0GHz Quad Core i7 Intel Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, AMD 6490M 256MB 1440×900 Display [$1799]
  • High End 15″ Model: 2.2GHz Quad Core i7 Intel Processor, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD, AMD 6750M 1GB 1440×900 Display [$2199]
  • 17″ Model: 2.2GHz Quad Core i7 Intel Processor, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD, ADM 6750M 1GB 1920×1200 Display [$2499]

Buy Now [Link]

[Apple] Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

February 24, 2011  |  Apple, New Products, Techie

Happy Birthday Mr. Steve Jobs! My one and only true boss in this world because seriously I have never had any trouble selling someone an Apple product.  If I worked at Apple I would be employee of the month all year round LOL! I already own all of their stuff anyways and I easily convince family members/friends/strangers to go ahead and purchase one beautiful Apple product after another!

I chose this post to sum up everything we are expecting within the next few days:

  • MacBook Pros are allegedly being updated today perhaps or within the next few days with brand new processors, a new design, and so much more [Link]

  • March 2nd has been reserved as an awesome day where we will be seeing the next version of the iPad, dubbed the iPad 2! [Can't wait!] [Link][Link]

I Love to Sheeel.com

February 8, 2011  |  Apple, Gadget Deals, My New Toys, Reviews, Techie

I am the most gadget-crazed girl I know of, but I think my mom can join that race as well. But I love great deals more than the gadgets themselves so earlier last week when I posted about that awesome iPod Shuffle 4th Generation deal I had already grabbed a few, I actually purchased 3 and had a complimentary coupon from Sheeel.com to try their service in which I got the 4th iPod Shuffle.

The service is awesome and easy, you just sign up, find a deal you love which is available for 24 hours or until the stock is sold out, and within 1 business day you will have your package waiting for you at your door step. Small packages get charged 1 KD shipping via DHL and big ones get charged 2 KD shipping.  If you’ve tried Taw9eel.com then you know how great their delivery service is!

Not only did I grab the 4 iPod Shuffles, I also grabbed the Konica Minolta printers that were offerred for 25KD each the next couple of days. They were an awesome deal and I loved it.

I highly recommend you all to head on over there and grab whatever deal that tickles your fancy, be sure to stay on the look out at midnight :D


P.S. Not all the iPod Shuffles are for me, the Silver is mine, Blue is for Isous, Green is for Toons, and Pink is for the birthday girl Lujain :D

My iPod Family

January 30, 2011  |  Apple

I have literally become obsessed with Apple products, if you haven’t seen that before well today marks my decent into the darkest times I’ve ever been in!

I will list for you today my iPod Family which lives with me in various parts of my room and house.

The iPod Nano Collection:

  1. iPod Nano 1st Generation (I bought this the year the Nano was introduced)
  2. iPod Nano 3rd Generation (I bought this when the design changed drastically to the square-shape)
  3. iPod Nano 5th Generation (The introduction of the Camera & the fact I have previously purchased the odd-generations) Birthday Gift
  4. iPod Nano 6th Generation (The newly drastically changed design! I bought this last September when the Nano went touch)

The iPod Shuffle Collection:

  1. iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation (I bought this to accompany me to the gym last year, the month I got it I stopped going to the gym hehe)
  2. iPod Shuffle 4th Generation (I bought this today when I saw an awesome deal on Sheeel.com for 10/- KD)

The iPod Classic:

  1. iPod 5.5 Generation (I got this a while back the 80GB model to carry all my music with me which at the time was around 60-70GB)
  2. iPod Classic (160GB) (The latest and unchanged model, I got this because of an awesome deal at Jarir plus to have all my music on it)

The iPod Touch:

  1. iPod Touch 1st Generation (I was against the iPhone when it was released and thought the touch would be good enough)
  2. iPod Touch 4th Generation (They added a camera, and I needed something to play games on instead of filling my iPhone4 with games, it was also a great deal at Al-Ghanim Electronics last weekend where I got it for 87/-KD with a case [32GB model])

And that my friends is the limit of my insanity, I actually have all of the iPod Nano family divided between me and my younger sisters, and I don’t know why but I am this crazy about it! I actually use them from time to time, some more than others but that’s another story.

[Apple] iOS 4.3 Coming Soon

January 23, 2011  |  Apple, Apps, iPad, iPhone

The Apple news of the month didn’t stop only with the announcement of the Verizon iPhone or the Mac App Store, but they also announced the upcoming release of iOS 4.3 by seeding it to App Developers and releasing some details on what to expect.

Some of the features that have been leaked about the iPad 2.0 also made way on the Internet waves so I’ll dedicate this post to that information:

iOS 4.3 Features: [Everything You Need To Know]

  1. New Multi-tasking gestures (Four finger swipe and five) [Link] [Link]
  2. Personal Hotspot to iOS devices (iPhone) [Link]
  3. iPad’s Mute Switch can be either Mute or Orientation Switch [Link]
  4. Camera Effects [Link]
  5. Photobooth to iOS [Link]

iPad 2.0 Features: [Summary]

  1. Evidence to 2 cameras [Link] [Link]
  2. Might Come with a Proximity Sensor [Link]
  3. Perhaps a Retina Display [Link]
  4. Higher Resolution Screen, SD Card Slot, 2 Cameras [Link] [Link]

MacWorld is Next Week are you excited? [Link] I know I am!