Five Best Cars for Tech-Savvy Drivers

August 2, 2015  |  Cars, Guest Writers

[Disclaimer: Content Provided by Guest Writer Jim Burch]

Jim Burch born and raised near St. Louis, I developed an obsession for baseball and the Cardinals. College days brought me south to Kentucky where I studied creative writing and journalism while working as an editor for the Murray State News. These days, I write diverse and sexy copy and hone my physical prowess at my CrossFit gym in Chandler, AZ. My specialties range from movies and television to consumer technology to health and fitness.

The world’s best cars don’t just compete for engine power, safety and fuel efficiency, now they’re competing for the latest technology inside the cabin. Everything from GPS navigation to Bluetooth connectivity changes your experience on the road. Whether you’re window shopping for a dream car or looking for a real purchase, keep an eye on some of these manufacturers giving priority to tech on the road.


Tesla Motors Model S

Tesla Motors is a California auto manufacturer headed by Elon Musk, the mind behind PayPal and SpaceX. Unlike any major car maker in the world, Tesla produces only electric vehicles like its flagship, the Model S.

The Model S is the car from the future. It requires no gas, accelerates 0 to 60 mph in three seconds, features a giant touch screen for a center console and even has door handles that lie flush with the panel and automatically pop out as the driver approaches the car. Since the Model S doesn’t use a traditional combustion engine, it doesn’t need oil changes or regular maintenance, and software updates to the car’s system are downloadable over the air.

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[Events] GulfRun Held its Annual 24HR Karting Endurance Race

December 11, 2013  |  Cars, Events

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time, @GulfRun held it’s annual 24 hour Karting Endurance Race at the newly opened Sirrb Circuit (@Sirbbcircuit).  It began Friday December 6th afternoon at 4pm and ended the following day at 4:30pm.


To say it was fun is an understatement simply because the newly opened race track and organization this year surpassed my expectations and truly gave you a sense that you were not in Kuwait.  The track had visible areas for the spectators to sit and watch whether they wanted an aerial view of the race or one on the ground and being a friend of the Gulf Run team I was able to enjoy the special accommodations made for us in a VIP area available above the track with the amazing DJ, DJ B who brought back old school Hip Hop & Rap, as well as a special viewing area in the Pit.

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[Events] Rolls-Royce Wraith Makes Its Kuwait Debut

October 6, 2013  |  Cars, Events

I was invited late last month to attend the Rolls-Royce Wraith launch event, unfortunately I wasn’t able to do but I have received some beautiful pictures of the car itself.  It looks to be a powerful beast and Ali Al-Ghanim & Sons Automotive celebrated its 10 years of representing Rolls-Royce by hosting this launch.  I will share with you all a bit of the press release, and if you wanted to learn more then you can visit the Ali Al-Ghanim & Son’s showroom in Shuwaikh.


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[Shout Outs] Ali Alghanim & Sons Are Social

August 9, 2012  |  Cars, Shout Outs, Social Media

I was recently informed that Ali Al Ghanim & Sons Autmotive Company has launched a complete full social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the ever so popular Instagram.

If you don’t know who Ali Al Ghanim & Sons are then you must have not seen any of the BMW’s, Mini Coopers, Range Rovers, McLaren, or Rolls Royce’s in any of their showrooms.  So now that you know, there is a small competition in which the winner would win a trip to Germany to visit the BMW factory.  All you would have to do is snap a shot of anything in the showroom and send it over to their Twitter account @AliAlghanimSons with a mention at the end of the tweet and they will later on upload it to Instagram and run a contest on it.


Four winners will win a ticket + stay + a tour inside BMW factory in Germany.  The last day to participate is today by midnight.

So hurry up and participate.

For more information:




Instagram: @AliAlghanimSons

[Events] Rolls Royce Phantom Series II Unveiled

August 7, 2012  |  Cars, Events

On July 18th I received an invitation from Ali Al Ghanim & Sons to attend the unveiling of the latest Rolls Royce Phantom Series II.  I was shocked by the invite as I haven’t shown my insane love for cars here but it was a good kind of shock.  You see I am not your average girl, I like gadgets and cars more than I like make up and the latest fashionable clothes (seriously).  I am not a huge car fanatic that I would know what horsepower means or whatnot but I do enjoy the beauty of a well designed car and more.  I headed to the Shuwaikh Showroom and witnessed the beautiful unveiling.

Unveiling of Rolls Royce Phantom Series II

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