Cleveland – Days 58 to 60

September 3, 2008  |  Cleveland '08

So it’s finally over, I am getting ready to leave Cleveland, OH and heading back to Kuwait.  I packed a lot of things into these last few days, well not alot but still lots of cool things were done.

On Monday, the 1st of September, Dad and I went out walking to have lunch at the Hospital Cafeteria since I was getting bored of the same food outside everyday and I am sick of burgers.  After we finished, we decided to walk around a bit, it was BOILING HOT not really but hot, and we walked to University Circle, and from there we went to the Botanical Gardens, it was absolutely fun and I had a good time.  Pictures will be uploaded when I get back but some of my friends already saw what I took there.

Anyways, on Tuesday, the 2nd of September, or yesterday was our busiest day we had Dad’s last cardio appointment and in between we had to finalize everything, arrange for a car and all that jazz.  So our list was extensive, arranging for a car, getting Dad’s reports, getting the medical CDs, meeting with the Dr, doing his last EKG, and having lunch in between.  We decided we wanted some last minute tiny items so we headed out to Mayfield Heights and visit Microcenter to get a Portable DVD drive but they were all out, and so we walked around a bit.  I did however buy the Season 1 DVDs of Gossip Girl, and Big Bang Theory.  It was all in all a good day.  We closed our bags and everything, we are expecting heavy weight bags but oh well.

Today, the 3rd of September, waking up really early because Daddy couldn’t keep the TV on low, and I had breakfast, and now I’m getting ready to leave.  Basically tomorrow before Fitour time I will be touching down in Kuwait.  So I am excited and looking forward to it!

Anyways, all I can say now is GOODBYE! Cleveland Ohio!

Cleveland – Days 54 to 57

September 1, 2008  |  Cleveland '08

So the countdown is almost over, I am about to end my trip to the states within the next 3 days or so.  This Thursday hopefully I will be touching down in Kuwait, and man am I not looking forward to the weather there, I heard that it’s hot and humid and dusty.  I am glad that I managed to run away for the hottest 2 months of the summer though so thanks Dad for that.

Anyways, what did I do?  I’ve been on a major rest-fest now that my sisters are away so I am trying to get as much sleep as possible to tide me over when I get home and go back to my hectic work schedule.  And no I am totally not looking forward to going back to work.

Thursday, the 28th of August, after walking in the rain, it still rained a bit and so we decided not to do anything other than have lunch I believe it was at the deli nearby.  But otherwise it was a stay at home day of relaxation.

Friday, the 29th of August, we went out to Beachwood Place Mall, and just shopped around, mostly walking around and wasting time while having lunch there.  That was the whole point of the trip, to get out of the hotel and just get a change of scenary and it worked.  I can say that it’s almost over now.  No more shopping from now onwards.

Saturday, the 30th of August, Labor Day weekend is really a tough weekend, wanting to go out and shop is bugging me but I am standing strong and on that day I spent most of it asleep and the rest of it going out to the Chicago Deli for lunch.  Of course with my luck they didn’t have the pasta that I wanted so I went with a burger.  By now I am so sick of burgers and craving good ol’ fashioned rice.  Hell I am craving grandma’s home cooked foods.  I can’t wait to get back to have some of grammy’s delicious Tashreeba, Kousa, Grape Leaves, and all of the favorite foods that I love!

Sunday, the 31st of August, I woke up very late, well early but then I went back to sleep.  The planes that are flying every few hours are getting annoying, it’s their way of celebrating Labor’s day and it sucks.  I woke up starving and decided to go out to the Deli place to have some pasta but unfortunately they closed at 3pm and we got there 3:15-ish or so.   And the nearby places are all closed.  So nothing left except the pharmacy to grab some microwavable dinners and unfortunately the lasagna I eat is not available and nothing is quite appetizing there, so I ended up ordering from Pizza Hut which took an hour and half to arrive.  But over all, it’s been a quiet day.

On the 3rd we will be checking out and leaving heading towards Kuwait.  And by the 4th we will be home.  I am missing my bed, my Lulu, my #4, my Grammy and family, and of course my car.  But under no circumstances am I missing work.  At least I’m going back to Ramadan timings so hopefully things will be less dramatic.

A Walk In The Rain

August 28, 2008  |  Cleveland '08

Earlier today I posted about how I wasn’t going to do anything major but instead Dad and I decided to go out and walk down to University Circle, a place where lots of Museums and such existed.  The scenary was unbelievable and the fact that it was raining added to it’s beauty.  So what we did was take the Blue Line Shuttle to the Guest House Hotel and started walking from there since it is quite a walk.  Around 4km and it was awesome.  I think that whatever I say now is not going to do it justice so I took a TON of pictures and I’m going to insert it as a Gallery rather than separates so you can see them all together.

Oh, and for our late lunch/dinner we went to Sergio’s a Mediterranean small place and I had a Filet Mignon while Dad had the trout.  In our path we passed by the Cleveland Museum of Art, Botanical Gardens, Case Western Reserve University, and of course the Fine Arts Park.  Enjoy the pictures.

Dee & Fee I wish you were there with us.

The Cleveland Clinic Guesthouse

The Cleveland Clinic Guesthouse

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Cleveland – Days 49 to 53

August 27, 2008  |  Cleveland '08

Yes I am trying to rush things through and I want to get some of these posts out of the way so that I can write about some things that are a bit more important than what I did and what I saw.  So let’s get cracking ;)

Saturday, the 23rd of August, was the first day we spent without my sisters not counting the day before it’s really different being alone with Dad, not that I hate it or anything but you know I always had someone picking on me and stuff, and well now I know who the culprit is.  We wanted to go to the Rock and Roll Museum of Hall of Fame, wow I think I said that wrong somewhere but I don’t care anymore.  And we booked the Courtesy Van from our hotel but I got ill and couldn’t go out.  So I spent the day in with dad, and just rested as much as I could.

Sunday, the 24th of August, we wanted to get some of our last minute shopping done and I wanted to get some things from Beachwood Place so we booked the courtesy van and went there, we were dropped off at Legacy Village, and I hated myself for not having my camera because they had a special event going on, all the shops were having a sort of festival “Taste for $1” with a Live band and it was cool.  We headed however to the Apple Store and bought a few gifts that we wanted to get and then walked all the way back to Beachwood Place.  It was cool, the first time we finished shopping really really early.

Monday, the 25th of August, I wanted to stay in and Dad had his Rehab appointments so he went on his own, since he’s mostly having equipment attached to him and excercising so there is no use for me.  And later on we went out to the Chicago Deli to have lunch/dinner.  It was a nice short day.  I think it was Chicago Deli, if not then the Cafeteria because I’m forgetting things lately.

Tuesday, the 26th of August, yesterday, we went to Richmond Mall, that was our last stop ever and I had wanted to go there to grab some items that grabbed my eye the last time I was there.  Also this is the only mall that I’ve been in that had a Cinema Place right attached to it, and so we went in to see “The House Bunny” which was awesome and cool, but not that great.  Look out for the next few posts where I review the movies I watched here.  Anyways we finished shopping and headed back to the hotel and that was it.

Wednesday, the 27th of August, today, we will probably go out walking a bit otherwise there is nothing on the schedule, Dad had his rehab and is doing great by the way and we might just go on a long walk, I should wear my tennis shoes since I don’t want to hurt my precious feet.

And with that my friends you are all up to date with everything that is going on with me.  Now comes the time for me to add posts about my experiences and reviews :) Stay tuned.

Cleveland – Days 37 to 40

August 27, 2008  |  Cleveland '08

The week that I was away from my blog was quite busy, true that I could post from my sisters’ laptops but I chose not to and take a break and right now I’m finding it hard getting back to the old routine of writing again but it’s not that difficult! I want to write what I experienced because I need it documented for future references, when I get hit by amnesia it’s good to have something to read and start getting my memories back isn’t it?

Last time we left off it was on Monday, the 11th of August, the day I went over to Beachwood Place and Legacy Village to visit the Apple Store and “Quick Drop” my MacBook Air.  Back when I bought it in February I didn’t notice that a screw was loose in the bottom casing and when I tried to put it back in, it wouldn’t stay in place so I sent it in to get it fixed.  It took a while but eventually I got my baby back.  That day we decided to have lunch at Brio’s which was a nice Tuscan place and we had fun my sisters and I.

After dropping off my Macbook Air, I felt lost and useless, well not really but I was a bit sad for other reasons than not having my laptop so for the following days, on the 12th and 13th of August, I decided to stay in and not do much.

Thursday, the 14th of August, was when Dad had his Cardio Appointment and we went in with him, everything checked out nicely and good and that was basically it for that day.

Friday, the 15th of August, we rented a car, our car was the Chevy Cobalt Sport Model, 1 door but 4 seater hehe it was quite nice small but good enough in size inside.  And with our car started our journey.   With the car we went to Som Center Road and into “Microcenter” a nice little place similar to a Best Buy or even Circuit City, and I got Dad the new Acer Aspire One, instead of the idiotic HP 2133 Mininote! We then headed to Richmond Mall shopped a little, had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with Dad and my sisters.  And later on we went to see Step Brothers.  A nice movie but not as awesome as The Pineapple Express in my opinion!

And that is what happened on days thirty seven to forty.

Guess What?

August 22, 2008  |  Cleveland '08

The trip is almost over, I’ve got around 12 days left until I board my flight going back home, it’s really different now since I’ve been here for almost 2 months.  It’s been just sooooo long! I miss many things about home but not the weather :P The weather here is amazing and I’m going to miss this from Cleveland.

Anyways, this is a short post informing you all that I am alive.  I just got my Macbook Air a couple of days ago from the Apple Store, since I went in for a Quick Drop, they fixed things but unfortunately my harddrive had to be formatted.  But oh well no problem there since I backed up the important stuff, however the other minor stuff wasn’t backed up such as my bookmarks :( I’m sad about losing those but oh well.

I miss you all and miss blogging hopefully I’ll get back to it in a while.

Last Post For Awhile

August 11, 2008  |  Cleveland '08, Links, My Life, My New Toys

This will be my last post for the next few days, since I’m sending in my Macbook Air to have it’s bottom replaced (ohh that sounded wrong), you see when I purchased it back in Feb I didn’t notice that the bottom was a tiny bit messed up, you know where they have screws to hold the bottom cover?  Well one of the screw areas was not as tight to accomodate the screw as it should be, so the screw eventually fell out, meaning that casing hasn’t been well for quite some time, so I’m going over to the Apple Store to hand it over to them so they fix it for me, which will probably take 3-5 business days.  I hope I get it sooner.

Anyways, let me give you quick updates:

Saturday, the 9th of August, was my lazy day (I’ve been having more of those lately! I spent it in bed and reading a new book I acquired.  I finished that book and developed lazy man’s headache but oh well, that’s life.

Sunday, the 10th of August, or in other words yesterday, it rained, like cats and dogs and then the sun came out and it was awesome.  We had decided to go to Legacy Village that day in order to just look around and have some food, oh and so my sister can return her Palm Treo 800w since it was messing up.  We had lunch at Brio’s, more pictures from that day will come later when I get my baby back, and we walked around a bit.  It was nice, we got rained on, we got sun, and we had fun.  Great day all in all.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that, I have purchased the upgrade to Delicious Library, the Delicious Library 2, where it allowed me to upload my library much faster and so much more awesomer, and also publish it online.  So check it out in the following link, it’s simply AWESOME! I love it! [Link]