Find Yourself

May 4, 2007  |  Creative

Days passed since she last spent a little bit of time on herself. Her quality “Me” time has been put on hold for almost a week now, and things are starting to get to her. Work is quite hectic, things get messed up at work and a few days of chaos are what she has to look forward to until things settle down and become smooth again. The standing up, the sitting down, the taking notes, the working on the computer, all those things got to her, they stressed her out, yet she still went on. She believed that things will work out eventually and the world will set itself right again and she would go back to enjoying her days at work and at home.


That was until this morning, she found a little “me” time and spent it at a massage parlor getting the best relaxation treatment money could buy. She could’ve gone out to shop and de-stress in the usual way a woman usually does, buying a new pair of shoes, but instead she went down and had a massage. But there is something you don’t know about her. This was her first massage. For the past 23 years she could basically be described as a “massage virgin”, yet after this morning she could no longer claim that she has never had a professional massage.

The feelings she experienced when going through her relaxation session were undescribable and unbelievable. She never knew such a feeling of ultimate relaxation could exist, she never thought she could unwind and let go of all her worries and thoughts. It seemed as if once she stripped off her clothes, all her worries left her body. It felt as if once she let herself lie down on that table and give herself up into the hands of another person, that all her responsibilities were put on hold and for once, someone else would be looking out for her. The hour she spent inside that dimmed small private room, on a warm table, with the most soothing music and the most relaxing oils she has ever known mattered so much in the course of her week. It was the first time she felt a little relaxation and the first time she could do something and not worry that time will be running out, or that she had to be somewhere.

Her experience has inspired me, I hope it will inspire you all as well. Her experience showed me the importance of finding yourself some “me” time. Finding yourself a few hours everyday just to do something that you want and that no one else has to tell you to do.

Best Friends

April 16, 2007  |  Creative


With the phone against her ear she walked towards the store they agreed to meet at, “Hey babes, where are you? I’m at that shop..” she takes a few steps towards the escalator and lo and behold she sees her best friend since their childhood days, immediately she hangs up and races towards the escalator to wait for her friend to reach that step. As her best friend steps off she hugs her real hard and kisses her in greeting. “Oh my God!” she exclaims, “Oh my God, Hayles, it’s been ages!!! Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re really here!” Hayley returns the hugs and kisses and responds “Yeaaaaaah I knowwwwwwwwww! Jenna it’s been ages, I’m always trying to get you to go out but you’re always toooo busy for me,” she laughed as she said the last part.

Jenna and Hayley have been best friend since they were in elementary school, it’s really odd how they became friends since they were two complete opposite girls at the time, one was into the trance scene and the alternative music and such while the other was an avid fan of the rap, r&b, and hip hop scene. Their friends never mixed together, hell they didn’t mix together completely but it’s true what they say “Opposites attract” and they sure did attract each other to a life long friendship.

They started walking together towards one of the coffee shops placed in the mall, to just sit and have a few drinks and chat about what’s been going on in their lives.  As they were walking Hayley looked to Jenna and said “You’ve gained some weight haven’t you?” Jenna replies “Yea I have (her features scrunch up a bit) I want to lose some of the weight I gained.”  Hayley immediately says “Oh no you won’t!! This is a nicer look on you, and finally you look healthier.”  They continue their walk until they reached one of those coffee shops with an outdoor seating arrangement and took a seat at one of the tables.

They ordered their drinks and sat there talking about everything that has been going on in their lives, from who’s dating who, to how is your work now.  It felt strange to talk about those things but what was stranger is that it didn’t feel as if they had spent a year away from each other.  A friendship like this where one can stay away so long, where one doesn’t have to talk to the other to portray what they are feeling is really rare, it’s the kind where you are so comfortable with saying so many or even so little.

Jenna and Hayley continued their talk and shared lots of laughter with each other, that to any stranger passing by they would think them sisters rather than best friends.

A Girls Night In

July 19, 2006  |  Creative

She rushed quickly to get everything ready for her girlfriends. They were on their way and she was running out of time. Running through her mental checklist she checked off the goodies, the pictures, the movies, and the music that will play in the background if they decide to just sit and enjoy a chat or so.

It’s been a while since she had some time to herself really, she’s been swamped with a large number of things, now that she’s not single anymore, but she needed her girls, needed to feel young again with them, one more time, she thought.

Excited and anticipating the night of fun, she looks around the room and makes sure everything is ready. She calls me, her best friend, to check what time I’m coming over, and I ensure her that it’ll be the best night ever with everything.

God, I can’t even imagine all the fun we’ll get into tonight. It’ll be like old days, like our college days, and I just can’t wait for that to happen. Wops now I have to get ready and prepare myself for a night of fun.

— A short prediction of our ‘Girls Night In’ with Swair.?? Can’t wait to see the girls again, However we’ll be missing two of our vital members, Dorie and Princess but oh well! We’ll try and see them some time soon.

“Honey Will You…”

April 15, 2006  |  Creative

They spent nearly every evening on the phone, although they attended the same campus and have been dating for almost two years they still haven’t taken the big step of moving in with each other.  It’s not as if they don’t love each other enough to take that step, it’s just that “longing makes the heart grow fonder” or so they say.   So as usual, every night before Jason sleeps he decides to call Victoria and ask her about her day, even though they have already met at least once during the day, he just liked to listen to her telling him about all the excitement she had or the disappointments.

“So, there I was, baby, sitting in class trying to keep up with Professor Johnson when all of a sudden a group of hellions, ruffians or whatever you want to call them disrupted our class with an improvised skit of their own accord.   Apparently one of the guys in the group had a thing for this girl in my class and wanted to tease her serious sensible side by staging this act.   Seriously honey it was so funny. I was glad that I had actually bothered to show up this week.” Victoria said to Jason over the phone.

Jason had been listening for a while to her sweet honeyed voice.   The voice of his dreams as he once called it. He so enjoyed it but he felt an urge to interrupt her accounting of her day to mention the first thing that came to his mind.   “Tory baby, you know what I don’t blame the guy, I mean I can imagine myself in his position trying to win the love of my baby girl.   Actually come to think of it, you know what I like most about our relationship lately?” he asked her.

She responded saying “No, what do you like most honey?” And he simply said “I love the fact that you pass by my apartment everyday even if it is for an hour a day or so.   I just love the way your presence in my place makes me feel.   I have become dependent on those days that you come over.   I love seeing you making yourself cozy on my couch, I love the fact that once you enter you hug me so tightly and give me that passionate kiss of yours and then drag me with you towards that couch where you would nearly sit in my lap asking me about my day, pampering me when it should be me pampering you.   If this is the promise of how our days are going to be, if this is how our relationship is going to evolve in, then I so want to take that next step honey.   I so want us to move in together.” Jason hurriedly finished saying what he had to say.

Victoria was dumbfounded, she couldn’t think of a sane thing to say but to unthinkingly accept his offer.   She thought of the countless hours they would have together, she thought of many things that they would do together, not a minute would go to waste so immediately she responded saying “Oh baby, YES! I would so love to move in with you, baby, I love you so much right now!” while straining herself from jumping into the phone just to feel his arms around her once again.

“Coming Home”

March 20, 2006  |  Creative

Note: The following is a short story written from the figments of my imagination.

Being married should never end the surprises experienced by couples, a common theory in most of the minds of young married couples. Bader had left home quite early today, he had an early meeting with his company, something that would grant him a promotion if he succeeded in getting this account. So Alia ended up taking their kids to school since it was her day off. Alia worked in a bank, a job she enjoyed but hated for its long hours. It was a rarity to enjoy a few hours with the kids, Nassir and Jenna, their 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter. But the chances she gets are always heaven and bliss in her opinion.

After dropping the kids, she headed off to do some shopping, she had an urge to surprise Bader tonight, but needed something sizzling hot to do so. But in the midst of her shopping, before the kids were let out of school she got a phone call from Bader telling her to “Go home immediately”. At first she was shocked since he never took that tone with her, and she was worried something happened so she hurried out of the mall and drove recklessly back home.

She called Bader before entering their block and he asked her to call him once she reached home so that he’d meet her in their garden before going inside. And so she did that, she reached the house, parked and rushed inside to see Bader standing there in the middle of their small garden looking so handsome. “What’s wrong baby? Is something wrong in th house? Did the kids call you up or something?” she spoke quickly without pausing to take a breath. Bader looked at her amusedly and started dragging her inside the house, but not directly in, instead he took her to his private dewaniya and closed the door.

“Nothing’s wrong honey, calm down,” he said in a husky voice while trying to calm her down. “But you said to come home immediately! What’s going on, you’re scarin–” he cut her off with a kiss, he wrapped his arms around waist tugging her closer to him, bringing her body in contact with his. His kiss started passionately but grew hotter as she started responding to him. Shaping his lips onto hers, sliding his tongue inside to have a taste of his delicious wife was too much for them to handle that he reluctantly dragged his lips away from hers breathing hard while whispering into her ear “I just missed you that’s all, baby.”

She looked at him questionably and started to say “That’s it! You missed me and made me rush here like a maniac! Why you! You! Y–” she started to stutter as she felt his lips softly touching the side of her neck, kissing them lightly, then starting to bite them. “You….Of all.. Mmmmm” she couldn’t even finish a thought which was exactly what he wanted to happen to her. He continued his soft torture until he couldn’t take it anymore, the clothes were just too much in between them. He needed to feel her body against his, needed to feel her skin touching his.

It’s been a while since they enjoyed each other without worrying that the kids would walk in, or that one of them would wake them up in the middle of the night to come and sleep with them, and Bader missed her dearly. He kept up the torture until he could feel her melting in his arms. He stripped her naked first, devoured her body with his heated stares, and undressed as quickly as he could to join her on the low couches that were in the room. They spent an hour or so enjoying each other, devouring the other until they were satiated.

Only when he felt her mood settle down and her attitude change that he whispered into her ear “I got it baby.” She looked at him wondering what he was talking about and asked “What did you get honey?” He smiled at her choice of words until she got what he meant this time and blushed, but he answered her “I got the promotion.”

She lifted herself up quickly and stared at him, unable to believe what she was hearing, then a broad smile spread on her face and she started hugging and kissing him. “I knew you would get it baby, I knew it! You’re the hardest worker there!” she exclaimed while spreading butterfly kisses all over his face. He laughed, he laughed as her lips descended upon his, and he laughed as she kissed him with all the love she felt for him.

“Umm Do You?”

March 11, 2006  |  Creative

“Baby do you still love me?” he asked in the most unsure voice anyone has ever heard of.

“What kind of stupid, dumb question is that?” she replied teasingly.

“Just answer me please, after all of these years do you still love me, do you love me more than you did before? Please?” his voice shook slightly but only to the trained ear, the ear who constantly heard him at his most vulnerable points and at his most strong points.

“Of course I love you, you dimwit, had I not loved you I still wouldn’t be here all these years! I still wouldn’t get mad some nights when we aren’t close to each other when I don’t even hear your voice because sleeping after hearing your voice has always induced sweet dreams for me” she replied in a angry-teasingly voice.

He laughed quite a bit and admitted he loved her as well, and loved her more than before by claiming, “You’re mine you know that don’t you? You’re mine and you’ll always be mine!” and she ends it by saying in a devilish voice “I know I’m yours, but that also makes you completely mine.”

Barefoot Beach

March 8, 2006  |  Creative

Holding hands, with her head on his shoulder they walked barefoot on the beach. The sun warming their faces as they continued their walk in silence. It was a habit of theirs to spend a day at the beach watching the beauty of the waves, the lovely blue color of the sea as it fed their souls an inner peace, which helped them reach a newer level of understanding. This level brought forth an understanding of minds and souls, an understanding which didn’t require any words to voice an opinion or thought.

They looked like a beautiful painting of a loving couple, the vibes emitting from their expressions and statures served to paint them as such. Alexa glanced from the corner of her eye towards Derek hoping to find any of his thoughts dwelling in his eyes, but what she got was an expressionless face staring straight ahead. It’s been like this of a while now, the threat of their special time together about to leave them, about to disappear into thin air, and the only reason for this would be Derek’s commitment issues. Derek had an issue with planning for the future, for committing to an idea, or anything for that matter which had to deal with the future. Due to his unsuccessful plans he placed for the future he avoided the topic as if it were the plague itself. Alexa loved him dearly but at times, one needed to be assured that there is a future between them. Avoidance of such a topic will never solve the problem; it will never make the feeling that one day this happiness will be the source of deep hurt for both of them, and especially for Alexa. The tension existed underneath their love and relationship and soon it might overshadow it and lead to a nasty break up.

Spotting a beautiful ledge down the path they were walking, Alexa lifted her head and turned to face Derek smiling devilishly while suggesting that they should head out towards that ledge to perhaps sit for a while. “Come on honey, let’s race towards that ledge and the last one there will have to do whatever the winner wants” she said. Derek looked at her with his lips twitching at the sides, but not wanting to smile yet, he pretended to think deeply on such a topic and said “I don’t think that’s a wise idea baby, I could ask you to perform something naughty.” Smiling devilishly now Derek looked at Alexa as her expression changed drastically. Alexa threw back her head and laughed heartily and said, “You naughty bastard, what makes you think that you’ll win! What makes you think that with your old geezer body, you could outrace my lithe athletic figure”

“Old geezer? We’ll see about that, but bear in mind that you brought this onto yourself” he said with the devilish glints in his eyes as he got into position.” We’ll see what my old geezer body will do to your attractive luscious figure,” he added with a wink. Laughing even louder she got into position as well and started counting in a loud voice “On your mark, get set, GO!?”

Together they ran towards the ledge each trying to outrun the other whether it was by cheating or not, they tried their best. Until one of them reached there 10 seconds before the other and stood panting heavily as they tried to catch their breath. “Hmm, I wonder what will I ask of you now?” they said.