The Making of the Dathra Doll

July 12, 2012  |  Creative, Cuteness

I mentioned in my previous post about how I wanted to create something special for my good friend Danderma who wrote the series “The Chronicles of Dathra: a dowdy girl from Kuwait” and the thing that came to mind is immortalizing her “Dathra” into a doll. But the task was not as easy as one would think.  Well actually it kind of is for me!

You see my aunt enjoys crafting (my only aunt from my father’s side that is) and she has embarked on numerous projects one of which was rag dolls.  I was standing there in her craft room where I saw a couple of rag dolls which she made earlier I was enticed and thought she would be the best person for the job.  At first I wanted to learn how to make a doll but receiving the invitation and having only a few days to prepare everything I left her in charge.  I picked up the phone and called in the order “Hi Auntie, I want one ‘Dathra’ doll please! Hold the fries :P” (I’m kidding I didn’t say “hold the fries!”).

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Lulu’s Open House

October 7, 2010  |  Cuteness, My Life

I’ve been getting a little chatty about the electronics lately so I think I put a ban on myself from writing about them for the next few hours.  Here is hoping that I actually avoid it.  So yesterday was Lulu’s Open House day, a day where parents (ehem I was not there as a parent but as a big sister and simply because Daddy was travelling and Mommy was busy) so I was saying it is a day where parents go to school to meet with their children’s teachers and discuss the curriculum that they are taking this year, it’s sort of like teaching the parents what your kids will be doing during the year.  It is not in any way a day for you to discuss your child’s progress as that will be outlined in “Parent Teacher Conferences”.

The Night's Program

My outtake about this whole thing? Well I kind of was bullied by Lulu to go since she wrote about it on her blog (yes she has a blog and she’s only 8 years old now) and she was so excited that I was going.  So I pulled myself together and went directly after work, it was a tiring day but needless to say the memories were awesome.  You see I went to that school ever since KG II and that campus to be exact I was in it since the 5th grade so I kind of knew it inside and out.  Tony the security guard/gate keeper was still there and I remember him from way back when I was a tiny apple infested worm (not really but I was tiny and scrawny).

Lulu's Name Tag Outside The Classroom

I am proud of my Lulu, she’s very smart and very cool to be around (sometimes annoying but most little sisters are).  I sat at her desk listened to her teacher and then met with her Art & Music Teacher (her Art teacher used to be a teacher when I was in 5th grade and I knew her back then, her daughter also was a few grades older than me but I remembered her too).  After that I did the Arabic class tour which was cool since her teacher used to be my elementary school Arabic/Religion teacher Ms. H.  To walk into a class and see a familiar face, one that recognizes you almost instantly is awesome.  Ms. H used to teach me way back from I guess 1991 all the way to 1995 (I am not sure which years to be exact but that was my Elementary school days) so basically it’s been almost 18 freaking years! The coolest thing is that she taught all of my sisters as well but I am the one she remembers the most (I was quiet back then though LOL!)

Lulu's Letter To Me

This Open House brought back memories of when I was a kid but at the same time made me feel old, pretty soon I’d probably be married and start my own family then I’ll go to my kid’s Open House (no public schoolings for my kids sorry but I don’t believe in that system) all I remember is how desperately I wanted to grow up back then and now that I’m grown up I want to go back.

I feel sad for the newer generations, they’ll never have a childhood like we did growing up and well that’s sad because it was the best childhood any kid could ever dream of!

P.S. Lulu I’m proud of you little bug hope to see you a doctor someday (but you don’t have to be a doctor really) :D

Got Tissue?

September 3, 2004  |  Cuteness

Kitty Card Games

September 3, 2004  |  Cuteness

This little kitty is enjoying her time at the PC :P Don’t you think? I mean I wouldn’t blame her for doing all that, I get addicted to card games easily :P

Kitty Frappacino

August 6, 2004  |  Cuteness

Hello, Starbucks, May I please have a moca kitty frappacino? :P Nah Just Kiddin ;P

Protector Beast

August 5, 2004  |  Cuteness

My Protector in this world of beasts :P

Delicious Hot Dog

August 5, 2004  |  Cuteness

A Nice Delicious Hot DOG :P