TV Star Kathryn Joosten is dead

June 2, 2012  |  Death

Oh no! The moment I read this I was truly and utterly shocked.  It was no secret that the “Desperate Housewives” actress Kathryn Joosten also known as the most meddlesome neighbor Karen McKluskey has died on Friday after a very long battle with lung cancer.  She was at the age of 72.

The interesting thing is that her character on the show which ended in May also had cancer and featured her death in the final episode. Ironic how life turns out isn’t it? She actually looked very frail and tired in the finale of the show and I had thought it was a good job from the makeup department and her excellence in acting unfortunately she was still battling with the cancer. She was a fighter and an amazing actress may her soul rest in peace.

News via Huffington Post

[Breaking] Algerian Warda, Disco Queen Donna Summer dead

May 17, 2012  |  Death

On this day two major icons from our generation have passed away.

Algerian singer Warda passed away in Egypt at the age of 71 from a heart attack.  Warda Al Jazaeriya as we all know her has lived in Egypt on and off ever since 1960 and has had cinematic and singing breakthroughs throughout the years.  She’s most famous for her singing one of which “Batwanis Beek” and more. [via AP]

But that’s not all, Disco queen Donna Summer whose awesome voice defined the 70s disco era with hits such as “Last Dance” and “Love to Love You Baby” died of cancer at the age of 63.  She passed away surrounded by her family in Naples, Florida but no details as to what type of cancer caused her death. [via AP]

May both women rest in peace, it’s one crazy day especially since the ‘Godfather of go-go’ Chuck Brown has passed away yesterday at the age of 75.  It seems that death is in the air for those musical icons.

Whitney “The Voice” Houston dead at 48

February 13, 2012  |  Death, Sad

Growing up in the 90s I was surrounded by amazing singers (well not surrounded in the physical sense but more or less the non-physical for lack of a better word) I grew up listening to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Tupac Shakur, Ja Rule, DMX, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Craig David, Brandy, Monica, and so many more but my ultimate favorites in my early teen years was Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.  I distinctly remember going home from school popping in Mariah Carey’s latest cassette album “Butterfly” increasing the volume and singing along (off tune of course but still I loved it).  But we’re not talking about Mariah Carey here, we’re talking about Whitney Houston whose voice was truly indescribable and who will always be remembered as “The Voice” as well as “The diva to end all divas.” Whitney gave us classics such as “I Will Always Love You,” “Greatest Love of All,” “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (who loves me),” “I Belong to You,” “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “My Love is Your Love,” “When You Believe,” and so many more.


Her album “My Love is Your Love” was and always will be my favorite of them all.  Whitney, you will forever live in the songs you have left behind.  On Saturday at around 3:55 p.m. Whitney Houston was pronounced dead by the paramedics in her room in the Beverly Hilton hotel.  The hotel where she was staying on the eve of the Grammy Awards.  The cause of her death was unknown but an investigation was being conducted to attribute the cause of death.  Her death came as a big shock as she had just performed 2 days earlier and was seen to be in good spirits.  But one never knows.  I was preparing a Tribute Page dedicated to her at work today with my colleagues and came up with the beautiful gem you see below.  But one thing stood out while researching her life and reading the different articles out there, a quote Whitney Houston once said to Diane Sawyer in an interview, it stuck and resonated with me, and made me think of how true it was on all accounts.

The biggest devil is me.  I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy.

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The True End of an Era

May 15, 2008  |  Death, Kuwait

It is now the true end of an era, an era where we as children, my generation and the previous ones got to know two powerful figures in our Kuwaiti History, two father figures who enriched our life with everything good and prosper.  It is truly sad to see such a thing go away.  How can we go on not seeing those pictures we were used to seeing of his late Highness the Emir of Sheikh Jaber and his late Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Saad.  To many of us known simply as Baba Jaber and Baba Saad.  Do you realize that children who are born today will never see those figures again, will never go through what we did, will never even aim to do well in schools for the hope of just shaking the hands of Baba Jaber or Baba Saad.

I remember how I wanted to get straight A’s and be a great student just so that I can graduate and have Baba Jaber hand me my Diploma, it was a dream that never came to existance.  Tuesday May 13th was truly a sad day, Sheikh Saad’s death brought back the thoughts of Sheikh Jaber’s death and now Kuwait has lost two of its most prominent figures.  All we can say is Rest in Peace Baba Jaber and Baba Saad, you will always be missed and in our hearts.

Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah


Sad Stuff..

September 5, 2004  |  Death
Man the world we are living in is very scary.. Today I stumbled upon a story about two young teenage girls who met through MSN Messenger and decided to commit suicide together at one point.. Details of the story are found in the below quote taken from

A teenage girl died yesterday after entering into an apparent suicide pact with a friend she had contact with on MSN Messenger.

Laura Rhodes, 13, and 14-year-old Rebecca Ling were returned home by police last week after running away together. But early yesterday morning the two girls were rushed to hospital after apparently taking a drugs overdose at Laura‘s home in Neath, south Wales. Laura was later confirmed dead while Rebecca was last night said to be in a “stable” condition. Rebecca‘s family yesterday said they were shocked and had no idea what could have driven the happy and popular girls to run away from home and take a drug overdose.

The two teenagers, who met and became friends over a year ago on MSN Messenger, had only just been returned to Neath by police after they went missing last Wednesday. They had returned from a holiday to the Greek island of Crete with Laura‘s family. The teenagers had met a few times and Laura had stayed with Rebecca for a week earlier this year. Following the holiday, Rebecca had been due to travel home to Birmingham on Wednesday from Laura‘s house. But after Laura was left at the station to wave goodbye to her friend, the girls boarded a train together.

Police launched a nationwide hunt and they were found in Bath on Friday. Their families expressed great relief and Rebecca had been spending the night at Laura‘s home before she was due to return to her own home yesterday.

Laura‘s mother discovered the girls collapsed in her daughter’s bedroom with a bottle of pills by their side. The teenagers left a note saying they did not want to be parted again. Rebecca‘s mother, Alison Ling, and her natural father, David, were last night keeping a vigil at their daughter’s bedside in hospital. Ling‘s partner, Neil Fisher, said Rebecca had woken once but had drifted back to sleep, so no one had heard her version of the terrible events.

What a sad world we are living in today, hard to imagine such things, when they are all around us..