When Plagiarism Hurts:The F2O Edition

May 10, 2012  |  Designs, Featured, Irritated, Pissed Off, Rants

Many of you probably have heard about the latest Thief (@Saloomalm) out there who copy pasted the F20 Designs and printed them on shirts and started selling them to the public in an exhibition and how proud he was of taking something off the internet and saying that “he’s the one who owns it because it’s on the internet” well I’m here to tell you that this my friends is another reason why Plagiarism needs to be educated in this country of ours.

My previous post [Stolen Words lead to Stolen Ideas] unfortunately was seen in a real life event recently.  Remember when I told you “plagiarism” is the act of copy pasting someone else’s work and taking credit for it? Well this lame ass loser (yes I called you a loser, I’m not scared of you dumbass!) when confronted that these designs belong to the designer Fatima Al Othman (F2O Designs) said that he didn’t know that and he found them online just printed and went to a guy to print them on shirts.  And now that he knows they belong to someone else he will keep printing more of them and will sell them at half the price just to destroy the original artist.

Unfortunately no one here understands Copyright laws but thankfully F2O Designs is a copyrighted trademark which means the second you duplicate that piece of work without the artist’s consent you can be guaranteed a law suit.  And to that I say dearest Fatima bury the mofo! Bury him in the deepest pits of hell because that’s what he deserves.

When our dearest blogging friend OwlOlive confronted him on Twitter he admitted that he got them off the net and that he will just print more and sell them without a care in the world.!

People, just because a picture, an article, or anything is available online does not give you the right to just copy paste it and say “Ohhhh I just came up with this theory!” it’s like you going online to Wikipedia copy pasting Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and saying “Oh look at me, I’m the shiznat! I discovered this shiat and Einstein is worthless!” a real person is taking another person’s idea and furthering it, bettering it, giving it a personal spin.  Same thing goes to you bloggers (yes you idiots who go on celebrity blogs steal the photos without linking, steal articles without linking even if you paraphrased the shit (oh wait you don’t understand what that word means, paraphrasing means copy pasting but adding one or two word of your own, sometimes you just add an “OMG” or “Moo Seeej!” yes I know you do that!) You still have to reference the first place you found it.  The internet is free but it is not meant for you to steal from!

Grow up stupid dumbos! Yes you are a dumbo if you copy paste shit and say it’s yours! We’ve all made that mistake I used to use Google Images in my posts without referencing them but I’ve learned that too was an issue.  So I’m fixing my errorful ways! Fix yours!

Stop stealing dumbos and start innovating!

So when I get angry at plagiarists don’t blame me even if I go nuclear, whether it is my work or someone elses’ it hurts and I will go all Hulk-like on you! For more information you can check out Fatima Al Othman’s Twitter [Here] to get the latest update on this situation.

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[Room Deco 201] The Apple of the Room

March 28, 2012  |  Apple, Designs, Projects

So as most of you know I’ve been recently hit with the “Room redecorating” bug and I wanted to redesign things and change out of the dull brown/beige get up. Almost 5 years ago I was in love with the color Brown because well I don’t know I felt that it was nice but now I’m glad that I went with a gray + red option. I will not unveil the entire room but rather a small portion. The Apple Portion of my room. You see, everyone knows how obsessive I am, and how much I like to purchase new Apple toys even if its just iPods so I thought what better way than to incorporate that into my room and below is what happened.

In the corner near my bed I went with two of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes above a Magnetic White Board and a medium sized bookshelf. The top quote speaks very close to my heart and says “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  Don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, You’ll know when you find it.” And the second quote simply tells me to “Stay hungry… Stay foolish…” Both quotes are very dear to my heart.

Apple Room 1

And in the other corner behind my door above my shoes I went with the “Think Different” decal.

Apple Room 2

I am very happy with the way things turned out and I’m glad that my room now has a tiny extra piece of me in it.

Next time will unveil the library of the room although some of you have seen it on Instagram.

Spreading Awesome Beauty

January 10, 2012  |  Designs

It’s a New Year and I’ve been doing my share this year by spreading some amazing beautiful pieces of art all around the blogging world.  Well not me only, my Sister #4 as well! She’s been a great help through this all.  You might be wondering as to what I’m talking about.  Well I’ll tell you…

Late last year (hahaha sounds funny just saying it) I redesigned 7ajidude’s header to something so awesome and amazing, showing their personalities to the hilt! They loved it and the whole public who has seen it expressed their love for it.  It took a while and I harrassed my Sister (#4) for it but in the end she delivered an amazing job and header! They are now a “brand” one which gives you a warm flowy feeling when you view their website :)

But that’s not the only thing I did, earlier in 2011 I was bombarded by my best friend Swera for a unique header but well I postponed it due to job things, and my travelling (actually scratch all that it was due to my laziness).  And luckily for her the delay happened because the final product was a complete different thing than what was first discussed.  In the end, the result is beyond gorgeous! Hell it makes you drool every time you stare at it! (Sister #4 helped out majorly!)

The beauty of the headers I created is that I gave both their personalized “Watermarks” or “Signatures” to place on images shot by them, and display pictures to match the whole look.  It really don’t matter what theme you use with your WordPress account.  The beauty is in the graphics and the unity.  If it is done in a clean manner then you’ll appreciate your website even more!

Other headers I created were for my Twirlie and College Bestie Swair, which you can see below here, but for her it was a huge blog makeover from a previous one.

And not to mention my own design!

So what do you think of them so far? Failures? or Objects of Beauty?

P.S. Will probably set something up in which those who wish to order headers for their blogs, they’d be able to contact and sign up :) Of course everything comes at a price.  So keep a watch out for it.

The Mourning Period is Over

December 28, 2011  |  Blog News, Designs

With the last days of this month I have decided to stop mourning my beloved Steve Jobs completely. The color black will disappear in a way from this page yet Steve will always and forever be in our hearts!  Feast your eyes on my latest creation (this time without the help of the sister who shall not be named [Yes I am insinuating that you are Lord Voldemort!])

Even though most of you saw a sneak peek of my newly designed character and some features of it my design with my gelaskins I think now you can see another version of it. Every element in the header represents something that is near and dear to me and well, this year I am hoping to instill a few holiday cheers within each banner (sort of bringing back Vintage Jacqui [something a majority of you haven’t seen because you are new]).

Anywho, enjoy and share your thoughts and ideas. I wanted to go with a major change yet I thought this was major enough :D

Stage 3: Redecoration

March 22, 2008  |  Designs, My Life

Well I believe this can be called Stage 3 of the redecoration I just wanted to show you so far of what happened to the area, from Stage 2 to Stage 3.


That was the before image.


And this is the after image, we changed the chairs, installed the shelf, installed the Morrocan Hand Woven Carpet that I recently got as a gift from Morroco, and Daddy’s little art objects. 


The Painting Escapades

March 8, 2008  |  Designs, My Life

So I have been wanting to update about the painting escapade we have been doing but I didn’t have a chance, working two shifts sucks major tush! Plus I had a few things going on for me, like on Wednesday I had to go somewhere where I never thought I would ever set foot in, ironically enough.  And on Thursday I was yelled at for my poor service performance hehe but then again screw people, not many are worth slaving over and offering great service to hehe :P


Anywho, Thursday we started the painting or rather Daddy did since he did not let me paint at all, until yesterday he let me paint a little cabinet we had so that it would match our walls and such.  The colors are amazing, I chose dark green and light green and pretty soon I’ll upload snap shots of the final color phase.  It’s just simply amazing.  And fun to paint.  Today our new furniture arrived and so far things are being set up as we speak.


I’m hungry and I want some nice snacks I don’t know why.


Things are crazy in 2008 but I can’t help having faith that they will get better soon, very soon I hope.  Anyways Happy late Birthday Daddy and Happy Early birthday Tooms and Sister #4!  Enjoy!

Back To Life

March 1, 2008  |  Designs, My Life

So a few days ago I went back to work, some might say that work is what defines you, or what takes over your days and such.  Well if I loved my job then I would’ve been so excited about going back, sadly enough that’s not the case since I feel that I am not in the right area for me.  Therefore I wasn’t that anxious about going back to dealing with customers and whiny nagging people because you know that all they do is just sit and whine and nag.  Sometimes it just makes me want to pull out my hair.  You know when you get someone calling to ask why something was deducted or why this happened, well we do have a Call Center that can answer all your questions, but no YOU WANT ME TO STOP EVERYTHING I’M DOING to help you out.  Pretty soon I’ll just throw it out there in their faces and tell them to just call the Call Center since I am not allowed to give you any more information on the phone.

Anywho, so Wednesday I went back to work, I didn’t miss it one bit I actually am despising going back after such a long break, and I’m waiting for anything to take me away from that job.  I wish there is a job where you get money to just sit at home and be lazy :P (true Jacqui)


And apart from work, we’ve started redecorating our living room area in the basement, it’s pretty messy right now and bland but when I’m done with it, it’ll be something awesome! The desks, the bookcases, the chairs everything is going to be top notch and I can’t wait for it! This week we get to clean out the area in anticipation for Saturday when we get the deliveries of the furniture and stuff.  Oh and painting of the room will be this weekend yaay! Can’t wait!

That’s pretty much what I’m working on, oh and the furniture we grabbed was from IKEA, they do have pretty good workspace furniture.

P.S. Color of the furniture is seen above, wall colors and the rest of the stuff aren’t available yet.  Oh and the furniture is close to what we chose but not exactly like that.