My Little Sister is Published!

April 25, 2012  |  Doing Good, Family

I can’t believe it but I’m so proud of my little sister! No not Lujain, the real little one, the one called “Graphics Face” she is also the artist formerly known as “Sister #4” Najeebah! The one and only who designed a majority of my headers and is the author of that couch up there, she made it from scratch!

Anywho, back to the main topic, Lil N or as I call her Jeebs is now published in Imprint an Online Community for Graphics Designers for book covers she designed.  Checks them out!

I see this one going places.  I am proud of all of my sisters equally and definitely hmm what was that word, gosh darnit I forgot in short I’m uber proud and insanely happy to have them share my DNA :P Yes idiots you share my DNA and since I’m the oldest it means that all your genius is part of mine HAHAHA! Seriously every genius thing you did I get a share of because I gave you the modified gene :P

So join in me in giving Jeebs a hand and hoping to see more publishings of this little one!

Read the full article here.

[Events] Wataniya’s Give Kuwait Campaign

March 20, 2012  |  Doing Good, Events

Last week on the 12th of March I was invited by the lovely people of Wataniya Telecom to find out more about their new “GiveKuwait” campaign. It was a nice event held at the Japanese restaurant Tatami (I have never been a fan of Japanese so I opted out of eating anything that night). At the event we met the lovely team behind this project and were briefed about the major points in a short format, we were also able to ask questions and have a one-on-one chat with different team members.

Wataniya1 Wait click here to read more

Technology Sunday

February 12, 2012  |  Doing Good, My Life, Things I Love, Work

Every Sunday you can check out my Technology page in the Al Watan Daily Newspaper (English Version of course) and well I’m proud of it, I love doing it.  Picking out the awesome stories that you see, choosing the App of the Week (it’s based on what I think would trend or something you guys miss out on not necessarily based on anything else).

This week I just loved how the page looked and thought I’d share it with you! With an exclusive interview with the General Manager of IT Sales of Samsung Gulf Electronics.  You know you guys should pick up this newspaper whether online via the website or physically it is cool.  During the week I prepare the Entertainment news and I instill as many TV newsbits as I can! [Check out the online PDF of the Tech Page]

So don’t miss out.  Seriously don’t or else!

I’m not kidding.

No seriously I’m not!

Bon nuit :D

Proud of the Avenues Flash Mob

February 8, 2012  |  Doing Good, Fun, Kuwait, Reflections

Last week was filled with election hoop-la and stress but what most of you have probably heard about a lovely thing happened on Friday afternoon at the Avenues Mall.  A group of Kuwaiti youth (I think they all would classify as that) men and boys and with the inclusion of a girl who lip-synced a part of the song were seen performing a “Flash Mob”.

Most of you probably know about Flash Mob’s from YouTube and certain movies (read: Friends with Benefits) and thus this wasn’t a new phenomena to see.  The new thing about it is how it was beautifully put together.  My colleague and friend at the Newspaper (Onilda Fernandez) [Article] wrote a lovely piece about how it all came out to be.  Did you know that it took 2 months to put together and that the young men were all too stressed out from rehearsing but the day of the Flash Mob they felt happy because of the interaction that happened with the audience?

I for one am proud of what they did; the only thing I missed out on was some of the Kuwaiti Songs that I loved while growing up and having a bit more of a musical ooomph (you know ranging from slow to fast to slow to fast again :D) But nonetheless I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any different.

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Pledge: Help Save Baby Fahad’s Life

February 8, 2012  |  Doing Good, Shout Outs

Our dearest friends Danderma and Q8Rain have once again brought to our attention another child in need.  Remember little Abdul Kareem who was facing amputation due to the lack of funds to have his surgery well Danderma has brought it to our attention through an email that there is yet another child, a baby who is merely 7 months old and needs your help.


Remember the last time when we tried to help the cancer patient Abdul Kareem and we made quite a buzz and he actually got several sponsors?  Well today there is another case.  Having a sponsor is their last hope.  Check out this little adorable little baby, his mother is a Kuwaiti and his father is Syrian.  He has leukemia and needs bone marrow transplant to live but none of his family members are a match.  Therefore his only hope is a donor, which has been found in India yet he needs a sponsor to donate 37,000 KWD (Thirty Seven Thousand Kuwaiti Dinars) so he can have the surgery.  Please spread the word, your help can give this adorable child a chance at having a healthy life Inshalla. (Danderma)

If you want to learn more or know anyone who is interested please check Danderma’s post or contact Q8Rain on her blog or by emailing her directly at or via Twitter @Q8Rain.

Note: A generous donor has already donated the amount of 9,000 KWD but we are still short the rest.  This is for a good cause so let us help this child.




Operation GIVE: From Bloggers to the Community

September 27, 2011  |  Doing Good, Events

One of the saddest things in the world is encountering a child who has faced a life-threatening illness or even an adult.  But one of the worst things I have seen in this world is letting those children feel neglected, feel like outcasts because of their illness.  One thing I was told while growing up is that when a child falls down and hurts himself don’t over react and show fear on your face because they will feel that fear instead just smile, laugh, and make a joke out of it while you inspect that child for any bruises or bo-bo areas.  That is the mantra I live by nowadays when one of my younger cousins trips and falls and starts to show signs of crying I swoop in and laugh and make it seem as it if was a cool trick they did.


Children with cancer, who is there to laugh and make them feel that they can fight the big fight and survive?  It is not easy dealing with illness and maintaining a strong sense of self-confidence or even happiness.  One of our blogger buddies (Q8Rain) came up with an idea to give back to the community and especially the sick children.  In collaboration with KACCH we will be able to provide a simple party for the kids with cancer every month at the NBK Hospital.  The first party will start next week and 70 gifts are needed to make those children happy.  Therefore the task is left upon you lovely readers, make sure to head over to Q8Rain’s blog and read about how to contact her and donate those lovely gifts.  If you can buy anywhere from 5-10 little gifts and simple ones (as simple as a set of coloring books) then you will be bringing a smile to that childs face.

Child cancer awareness

Let us all unite, and stop the hatred to bring smiles to those children.  Let us try to teach our children that just because you know another kid at school who is sick it doesn’t mean that they are different than you and me.  Sick and Healthy kids all have feelings and it is our job to make them enjoy their childhood in whatever way we can.  We as adults love gifts so what do you think kids would feel when they unwrap a present or two?  Please help spread the love and joy and join this cause.

Thanks Q8Rain for this lovely idea and may it thrive and grow to become awesome.

Cleveland – Day Seven & Eight

July 14, 2008  |  Cleveland '08, Doing Good, My Life

I am combining days Seven & Eight together since I didn’t go out much and since I won’t be posting up any pictures *sorry everyone* but Saturday and Sunday were quite slow for me.

Let’s start off with Saturday the 12th of July, after my crazy 4 hour wait in line for the iPhone 3G, which I didn’t get by the way since I had to have a contract, I decided to spend the entire day with Pops.  We got to the hospital at around 9am or 10am and spent all day with him.  He still had his chest tube inside and was still in so much pain.  On a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest level of pain, he kept on feeling a 7.  They put him on some morphine for the pain and he was being monitored greatly.  All in all it was a nice relaxing day for all of us, we skyped back home, it seems that Grandma is basically living with us in the hospital since we talk to her so much, she worries about her oldest son, so we have to ease her worry.  We then got home at around 5pm or 6pm and I waited until Noor came on, watched the episode then slept due to a huge headache I was having.

Sunday, the 13th of July, I woke up a bit late since I got up in the night and still felt the pain, so I took Panadol Night, and went back to sleep.  So I kind of got to the hospital late, at around 10:30am rather than 9, my sister Fee was there though and she was there when they took his chest tube out.  He looked much better but still had to remain on his Oxygen since he was a smoker and he felt short of breath.  We spent more time with him and stayed until around 7pm before we went to the drug store nearby and grabbed us some microwavable dinners, I loved the Lasagna dinner so yummy.  Oh and we skyped our sister Dee, while we were eating at the hotel to make her feel that we were all around each other.  In the end I slept so much later and it rained also.  The weather is absolutely amazing to the extent that I almost blew away from the huge gusts of wind.

*Jealous anyone?*