Lujain is Back and Blogging About Middle School

September 19, 2013  |  Family

Middle School, that feels like ages ago! My little sister @LujainTalks started 6th grade a few weeks ago, and man does time fly by quickly! I can’t believe she’s a Middle-Schooler now it seems just yesterday she was starting Kindergarten and I was taking her to school (since I was unemployed at the time).  Both Lujain and I decided it was time she took blogging a bit more seriously but to not allow it to interfere with her studies.


Lujain’s goal this year is to improve her writing skills, to share her experiences, and just to be a kid.  That’s the most important thing.  I remember starting 6th grade like it was yesterday (but a million years ago) I was scared at first but found that I fell in love with the freedom of being cooped up in one class.  You get to move around to your next class and you get to have new people with you in each class (no more getting stuck with the same 20 students in homeroom).

So, why don’t you all head on over there, read the little girl’s blog and be polite in your comments please.  Children should not be faced with the hatred and rude comments we adults are faced with.  Encourage her, share some of your childhood experiences with her.  And suggest stuff as well.

[Lujain Talks]

P.S. I gave her that cute little blog makeover because it was time and it feels more cool now! Don’t you think?

Bad Things Come in Threes

February 12, 2013  |  Family, Health, My Life

You know how there is a saying that bad news always comes in threes? Three bad things will happen to break the evilness surrounding a home or whatever that is?  Well that seems to be what is happening in my family.  You see late last month (January) one of my Uncles had a health hiccup.  He was misdiagnosed as a diabetic but in the end he was just borderline and was about to cross that threshold if he didn’t do something about his health and bad habits.  That was sort of a wake-up call for him.


Two weeks later, I started not feeling too well, I first tried to self-medicate and sleep it off but eventually I went to the doctors where I was told that I might have a bad health condition which might or might not require surgery.  Well after constant follow-ups and numerous second opinions it has been decided that surgery is the only option to treat me and thus my trip to New York was cancelled in favor of surgery.

At the same time, my older Uncle fell sick and was diagnosed with kidney stones but while at the hospital since he had some phobia from medical places he was referred to a cardiologist to check the status of his heart and see if there isn’t really an underlying problem which the kidney stone might have sent him to check, you know what they say: your body sometimes sends you text messages through the weirdest things to go fix yourself. (I know they don’t say that actually but that’s what it felt like).  Well after the necessary tests were run it was decided that there was in fact an underlying heart condition which needed surgery ASAP as well.

So in truth, 2013 isn’t really that great of a year for my family and I simply because we were not only hit with one health problem to deal with but a number of them and I am trying to stay positive for the entire bunch but you know that feeling when you just want to crawl under a rock and cry your eyes out or go into that cave and hibernate your troubles away? Well I get that feeling from time to time but in the end I push them away because I need to be strong to battle this out.

I should be scheduling my surgery very soon and I might be neglecting a lot of things (even more than I have neglected them already) but hey that’s the way of life.  I’m just glad it’s nothing insanely too serious, and I really do hope that after they cut me open (and find that lost iPod or iPad) that it will be the end of it and that it will not in fact be something worse that what it appears to be.

I just would like your prayers for both my family and I because although we might put on a tough front and seem as if we could take even the “Hulk” if we could, we are still fragile inside and we need careful handling.

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My Little Sister is Published!

April 25, 2012  |  Doing Good, Family

I can’t believe it but I’m so proud of my little sister! No not Lujain, the real little one, the one called “Graphics Face” she is also the artist formerly known as “Sister #4” Najeebah! The one and only who designed a majority of my headers and is the author of that couch up there, she made it from scratch!

Anywho, back to the main topic, Lil N or as I call her Jeebs is now published in Imprint an Online Community for Graphics Designers for book covers she designed.  Checks them out!

I see this one going places.  I am proud of all of my sisters equally and definitely hmm what was that word, gosh darnit I forgot in short I’m uber proud and insanely happy to have them share my DNA :P Yes idiots you share my DNA and since I’m the oldest it means that all your genius is part of mine HAHAHA! Seriously every genius thing you did I get a share of because I gave you the modified gene :P

So join in me in giving Jeebs a hand and hoping to see more publishings of this little one!

Read the full article here.

Extremely Personal and Up Close

March 20, 2012  |  Family, My Life

Warning: This post is uber-personal and gives you a glimpse into my crazy head.  If you are looking for an ad about the latest thing to buy go elsewhere please. Otherwise enjoy and share your thoughts and memories.

All of a sudden this thought popped up in my head and I felt a need to jot it down for once instead of procrastinating and waiting until it has disappeared. I was just thinking how amazing my life has been so far, there have been many ups and downs but it’s shaping out to be very lovely.

IMG 1914

One of the things I’m extremely in shock over is the fact that growing up with two completely different parents helped shape up the addict you see today. Don’t get me wrong, I meant Techie addict. You see, my mother has majored in Computer Science and worked in the Ministry of Education as a Computer Teacher and has gone on to be a Computer Supervisor. She was the person who got me interested in computers and all that jazz. I remember owning a “Sakhr” computer back in the 90s and it was so cool back then. I remember taking turns with her to learn how to use it and play games but I don’t remember the details unfortunately. Then came the age of the Internet in 1996. (Fun fact: My little 7 year old cousin doesn’t believe anyone existed before the year 2000, he asked me when I was born when I mentioned ’83 he said no no 2000-what?:P) Back to the point, the best thing about growing up in the 90s was the fact that we knew the meaning of sharing.

I remember very clearly how we had one internet connection and one computer. We would take turns using it and logging onto “Yahoo” since that was our search engine of choice, checking our “Hotmail” emails (it was insanely cool to have a hotmail account back then!) And I wanted to meet more people so I started having pen pals from abroad. It was fun unlike what we see today.

That was all what my mom passed onto me. My father on the other hand, was the artistic one, he majored in Fine Arts and went on to work at Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah (by now everyone knows this so why not talk about it). From a very young age I would go with him to the museum (pre-1990) and play around with the cats while he would work. I remember the planetarium and the big boat (unfortunately the Iraqis destroyed these beautiful things in the war) He gave me the artistic eye (although he claims he didn’t) and not only that but both parents nourished the love I had for gadgets in my later years.

I became a crazed Apple fan in the year 2005 when my younger sister went to the US to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Sciences and that was when I purchased my PowerBook G4 12″, prior to that I had already owned an iPod and gotten in on the band wagon. But ever since I got that laptop I went nuts and my obsession went into high gear.

I am the person I am today because of these two different but very alike individuals.

My parents, may God give them a long and healthy life provided for both my sisters and I an insane educational experience and supported us with everything. This could be ideally timed especially with the fact that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. But I just can’t help feeling nostalgic!

Think back to your childhood (if you’re an adult now) and see what made you be the person you are today. If you are still young then think as to what your parents are doing to shape you into the person you will be in the future.

Thank you Mommy & Daddy (I know I might not be the perfect daughter and might get on your nerves, get angry with you, make you angry with me, and so much more) but I love you with all my heart. Sometimes it’s better said late than never said at all!

Happy Holidays!

December 25, 2011  |  Family, Food, Holidays, My Life

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyous Kwaanzaa!

To each and everyone of you who celebrates these holidays I wish you a merry time and may all your hopes, wishes, and dreams come true!

I personally had a lovely holiday lunch on Christmas Eve (although I am a Muslim) my family just loves the amazing food that the joyous holiday brings! We had an awesome amazing spread which I feasted upon!

After that lunch I was insanely full! But you have to admit that it was absolutely DELICIOUS!

The one with Insane Issous

November 6, 2011  |  Family, Fun, Movies

I miss talking about my life, and I think the reason I have become just so damn lazy in terms of blogging is that all the posts are similar to what is available in the market (aka the blogosphere).  So today I will take a break from all of that and talk about what happened to me yesterday one of the funniest days of this year.

I woke up a bit late in the day because I had a movie date with my Aunt, cousins and Lujain we were going to 360 to watch the release of “Horrid Henry” it was a lovely movie.  I really really had fun and enjoyed the movie. In short, the kids movie basically tells the story of Horrid Henry and his friends and their mission was to save their school ‘Ashton Elementary School’ from closing down.  But it’s not all peachy and dandy because Henry is horrid and he is the reason that the school was closing down.  If you are looking for something funny to watch and kids-suitable then be sure to book your ticket today.

Anywho, afterwards I ran off to work (yes I work on Saturdays ‘sometimes’) and prepared my awesomely insane Technology page for “Al Watan Daily” check it out in my next post and be sure to give me pointers here and there :D

I finished work and headed back to Auntie’s house where Lujain was and sat and had a nice chat with the cousins Toons and Issous, during which Issous became insane! Listen up this is the part of the story you’ve been promised!


You see I was showing my Aunt how to use Siri, and Issous saw it as a chance to jump on me to try and kidnap Siri and abuse it! The problem is I don’t like kids touching my gadgets because of their greasy fingers! Yes Issous you have dirty fingers! So I kept trying to snatch it away which got us into the battle of the tickles.  Issous jumped on my back and started doing this annoying thing with his jaw where he opens and closes it on my shoulder which mimics the tickling feature and I started giggling like a 2 year old.  I tried to shake him off but to no success he was stuck on me like a little monkey.  Next he started tickling my sides, I dropped him on the couch and squeezed him and tickled him but apparently that 6 year old boy is stronger than I am and he went back to being the dominant one in the tickling war. I tried to run away but was stuck on me, eventually he held me down in the middle of the room and tickled me until I was literally about to cry! I was able to run away and go home but that tickling fest broke me down hehe :D

Later on that evening, Lujain said that this was the first time she knew I was ticklish and the first time she saw me laugh like this hehe I guess I need to laugh more, and with that I end this adventure with one of my crazy cousins.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing about it!

P.S. That photo up there was taken by the iPhone 4S with no editing done on the picture except the photoshopping of the phone :P

[August News] The Birth of a New Cousin

September 24, 2011  |  Family, My Life

On August the 3rd my family welcomed a new addition in regards to the cousin rankings.  I hope that made sense, to put it in very simple terms, “I gots me a new cousin y’all!”


My youngest Uncle and his wife welcomed a baby boy who is brother to their eldest daughter Lulwa.  The boy was named Salman and he is absolutely adorable! I love that the day I saw him he was wearing the monkey pajamas I got for him from the US!

Can’t wait to see this one growing up!  Welcome home Salman!