[Events] Society by Supreme in Levels

April 8, 2014  |  Events, Food

Earlier this evening I was invited by the good people behind SOCIETY BY SUPREME (@societykwt) and Ghaliah Technology (@ghaliahtech) to try out their newly launched restaurant in Levels Complex in Mahboula.  Little did I know that I would fall in love all over again and find a new must visit restaurant.

1 Society Kuwait


To start off, the restaurant is a European Bistro type brought to you by the same people of “Cafe Supreme”.  The atmosphere was amazing, at the moment there seems to be an abundance of British memorabilia but soon there will be Italian, French, and other European elements to be added.  It just feels like a nice literary salon type.

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[Goodies] Pizza Hut Launched New Stuffed Trio Pizzas

April 27, 2013  |  Food, Goodies

Earlier this month I was sent three new pizzas from Pizza Hut via Kout Food Group, Pizza Hut had launched a new trio of stuffed crust pizzas with weird yet delicious flavors.

Pizza Hut

They have introduced the following three stuffed crust flavors:

  • Volcano Stuffed Crust: Comes with two kinds of cheeses – mozzarella and tasty cheddar cheese oozing out of the golden crust.
  • Crunchy Stuffed Crust: Comes with creamy mozzarella cheese topped with crunchy cornflakes.
  • Spicy Stuffed Crust: Comes with creamy mozzarella cheese coated in chili spice with even more intense spiciness sprinkled on top.

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[Events] Scoop-a-Cone’s New Alphonso Mango Flavor

April 2, 2013  |  Events, Food

Last Thursday (wow I can’t believe I am actually typing up something that I went to this soon, anyways back to the main point) I was invited by the lovely Bibi Al-Qatami from Al-Kout Food Group to visit their newly opened Scoop-a-Cone branch located in Dasma featuring one of the first gelato drive-thru’s to try out their new flavor of the moment, the Alphonso Mango.


I happily made my way there with my new partner in crime F (my sister otherwise known as Gina in my books) to check out their new flavors.  Upon arrival I was delighted to see that the location was very easy to get to (Dasma, Block 5, on the Second Ring Road, right inside Mangaf Street next to Burger King), the interior of the shop was beautifully designed in soft pastel like colors kind of reminds you of those retro ice cream shops back in the day (not that I went there or was born around that time it’s just you know TV and what it does to your imagination).

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[Events] Elevation Burger Abu Halifa Soft Opening

February 11, 2013  |  Events, Food

I was invited to attend the soft opening of Elevation Burger’s (@ElevationKW) third and latest branch in Abu Halifa on Monday the 11th and since I’m a huge fan of that burger joint I made sure to make it there before the invite simply because well I love the place.  I arrived 15 minutes early and was greeted by the owners and the marketing team who gave me a brief tour of the place and left me to enjoy taking pictures of everything there.


As with all of the Elevation Burger branches they make sure to use recyclable, reusable materials in their interior designs however since this branch is not located in a mall and does not have to adhere to specific mall requirements they were able to freely put the soul of “Elevation Burger” in it.  The wood used there is recycled bamboo, the tables have some also recycled feature (excuse me for not remembering every details simply because I was starving when I saw the delicious burgers being made).

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[Events] Abdelwahab Restaurant Ramadan Tasting

August 7, 2012  |  Events, Food

Right before Ramadan was about to begin I received an invitation from the Abdelwahab Social Media Team to attend a tasting of the Ramadan menu, I know it’s a bit late for me writing about this but trust me editing pictures are what take ages with me, I take too many and then have to pick through the best one.  Anyways back on the subject.

I took my best friend from college along, Swair, and we headed over there to enjoy a nice meal.  We arrived at the place and found that it was ready for the Ramadan atmosphere with its decorations and ambiance and I enjoyed that.  You see this is my first time at the restaurant and it was a pleasant beginning.

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[Shout Outs] Rice Pudding’s Ramadan Offer

July 28, 2012  |  Food, Shout Outs

A short while back I was notified by Rice Pudding of their special Ramadan offer.  When it comes to food everyone goes crazy and with Rice Pudding they’ve announced a few new flavors for the holy month of Ramadan.

Their newest flavor is “Rose Water” with a choice of toppings such as: Saffron Cloud and Pistachio (they try their best to introduce a new concept of toppings) And for the month of Ramadan they are offering a set of 18 mini containers in a “Ramadan Box”.

One other thing is that they just started a home delivery service however they prefer if the customers were to call in advance considering the Ramadan traffic.

And the last bit of new information is that they have started a Catering option for the Ramadan Ghabgat in which they will cater for any event as they consider their “customers are our celebrities”.  So if you’d like that then be sure to contact them on the below information.

Location: Nuzha Co-op Block 3 (Next to Starbucks)

Phone: 55479001

Thanks Abdullah

[Events] Zafran’s Ramadan Iftar Buffet

July 28, 2012  |  Events, Food

Earlier this week I was invited to try out Zafran’s Iftar Buffet.  Zafran is a contemporary Indian restaurant which is located in Centerpoint – Salem Al Mubarak Street (across the street from Al Fanar Mall).

I arrived there with Lujain (as usual) at 6:45 and the Maghreb prayers had just sounded.  The place was beautifully decorated and spacious enough.  We quickly chose a table and proceeded to the buffet area to pick from the mixture of mostly Indian foods and some lebanese items such as Hummos, Tabbouleh, etc.

I am not a huge fan of spicy food so I tried my best to steer away from those and Lujain as well.  But it was kind of difficult as everything is mildly spicy.

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