[Shout Outs] Rice Pudding’s Ramadan Offer

July 28, 2012  |  Food, Shout Outs

A short while back I was notified by Rice Pudding of their special Ramadan offer.  When it comes to food everyone goes crazy and with Rice Pudding they’ve announced a few new flavors for the holy month of Ramadan.

Their newest flavor is “Rose Water” with a choice of toppings such as: Saffron Cloud and Pistachio (they try their best to introduce a new concept of toppings) And for the month of Ramadan they are offering a set of 18 mini containers in a “Ramadan Box”.

One other thing is that they just started a home delivery service however they prefer if the customers were to call in advance considering the Ramadan traffic.

And the last bit of new information is that they have started a Catering option for the Ramadan Ghabgat in which they will cater for any event as they consider their “customers are our celebrities”.  So if you’d like that then be sure to contact them on the below information.

Location: Nuzha Co-op Block 3 (Next to Starbucks)

Phone: 55479001

Thanks Abdullah

[Events] Zafran’s Ramadan Iftar Buffet

July 28, 2012  |  Events, Food

Earlier this week I was invited to try out Zafran’s Iftar Buffet.  Zafran is a contemporary Indian restaurant which is located in Centerpoint – Salem Al Mubarak Street (across the street from Al Fanar Mall).

I arrived there with Lujain (as usual) at 6:45 and the Maghreb prayers had just sounded.  The place was beautifully decorated and spacious enough.  We quickly chose a table and proceeded to the buffet area to pick from the mixture of mostly Indian foods and some lebanese items such as Hummos, Tabbouleh, etc.

I am not a huge fan of spicy food so I tried my best to steer away from those and Lujain as well.  But it was kind of difficult as everything is mildly spicy.

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[Events] Dathra Book II Launch Party

July 12, 2012  |  Books, Events, Food, Friends, Fun

Late last evening (July 11) I was invited by the amazing Danderma to attend a special gathering geared towards the launch of Book II of the ‘Dathra’ series also known as “The Chronicles of Dathra – a dowdy girl from Kuwait” (Yawmeyat Wa7da Q8eya Dathra).  Now that the book is out from the printers edited and beautifully designed by the amazing Fatima Al Othman from F20 Designs some of ‘Dathra’s’ fans and close friends gathered to celebrate.  It also was a mini-early birthday celebration for Danderma as her birthday will take place next week.

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[Events] Zain Celebrates Chocolate Day

July 10, 2012  |  Events, Food

Earlier this week I was invited by the Zain Social Media gang (yes they are my gang now! The amount of time spent with these awesome individuals has made us more like a family now) to celebrate Chocolate Day on July 8, 2012.  The celebration took place at The Chocolate Bar in Al Bidi3 and luckily enough I was able to attend with my trusty sidekick Lujain.

Luckily for us, the invitation was Lady Bloggers only and that made the atmosphere a bit more relaxing (sorry guys you just make everything blah :P Just kidding) and it was like meeting up with the gals to sit around and have a nice conversation with some decadent chocolate.  I felt nostalgic for Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar in New York and wished I was able to transport there because their chocolate is nothing like I’ve tasted here in Kuwait but nonetheless the company was awesome.  I was able to socialize with bloggers who have become my friends and new ones who I merely just met.

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Blimpie’s Special Offer for Couch Readers

June 22, 2012  |  Deals, Food

What better way is there to thank my beloved loyal readers than by giving them an amazing offer courtesy of the yummy Blimpie Restaurant.  Seriously, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach well I say that’s the way into any person’s heart (hell it’s the way into mine!)


So what’s the offer you say? Well whenever you purchase any of their COMBO meals you will immediately get a FREE 6-inch Sub sandwich by merely mentioning that you are a “Couch Avenue” reader! Simple isn’t it? Yes it’s that simple! Simply go into Blimpie’s restaurant located at Maidan Hawally (right across the street from American International School (AIS)) and order what your heart desires.  And if you’re lazy to walk right in and you live in Maidan Hawally, Salmiya, Shaab or Jabriya then you can simply call +965 657 97114 or +965 659 22588 and place your order to have it delivered directly to your couch (yes I imagine all of you are couch potatoes!)

So hurry up and get on this crazy food bonanza!

For more info about Blimpie’s you can find them on the below channels:

Twitter: @BlimpieKWT

Instagram: Mods_IFF

FaceBook: BlimpieKWT