[Events] Dathra Book II Launch Party

July 12, 2012  |  Books, Events, Food, Friends, Fun

Late last evening (July 11) I was invited by the amazing Danderma to attend a special gathering geared towards the launch of Book II of the ‘Dathra’ series also known as “The Chronicles of Dathra – a dowdy girl from Kuwait” (Yawmeyat Wa7da Q8eya Dathra).  Now that the book is out from the printers edited and beautifully designed by the amazing Fatima Al Othman from F20 Designs some of ‘Dathra’s’ fans and close friends gathered to celebrate.  It also was a mini-early birthday celebration for Danderma as her birthday will take place next week.

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Happy Birthday to My Bestie Swera

June 21, 2012  |  Birthday, Friends

In the past two years I have re-met a lovely wonderful amazing young woman called Swera, we reconnected via a mutual friend (Thanks Swair for that Baby Shower of yours years ago!) and rekindled our non-existant friendship which should’ve occured during our college years.  You see both Swera and I went to Kuwait University and studied English Literature the only thing was we never ran in the same circles, we had similar classes (Shout out to: Dr. Jamal Bouresli’s class I want to say Modern Drama but I forget :/) but we never saw each other, other than for the occasional hello.

The moment I found out she was a blogger we started to rekindle our relationship and establish a friendship I am proud to say that is so strong (mashalla, knocks on wood) that I consider her my sister more than my friend.  I am very proud to have known such an amazing woman, proud of the person she has become, of the obstacles she has surpassed and will continue to be proud of the woman she will be, the loving mother and so much.  It is on this lovely day that said friend is turning a year YOUNGER!  And I would like to be one of the first to wish her a “Happy Birthday” in my special way! So without further ado!

Happy Birthday Babes :*** I wish you the happiest 19th Birthday ever! And may all your wishes come true! (Not that you need anymore since you have me in your life :P Hehehe)

Project X is Here!

June 8, 2012  |  Events, Food, Friends, Fun

A few weeks ago, the peeps at Chef Boutique launched a secret campaign called “Project X“, not much of a campaign but it was something secretive and fun.  Bloggers were competing with each other for the title of Best Cook! Not really but still, that’s basically it in a nutshell.  I contacted my partner in crime, aka Swera from Crazy Yet Wise and we decided to sign up together as partners!

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[Previously] The Cutest Baby Blogger at Vinny’s

February 10, 2012  |  Events, Friends, Previously

It has been a while and I’ve been meaning to write but I kept procrastinating and postponing the transfer of the photos from my camera to my computer and when I did, I enjoyed my Instagram shots more than anything else but I’m slightly off topic here.  Let’s start over.

Earlier this year, the blogging team from 7ajidude invited us to celebrate the winner of “The Cutest Baby Blogger Instagram Challenge” at Vinny’s which is located in 52 Degrees in Al Tilal Complex.  So on a Thursday evening of January 5th Lujain, my sister #3 (aka Your Battlefield) and I headed over there to have a lovely dinner with friends and well I can honestly say that they are more like family as well.


My sisters and I arrived very early, even Dudette wasn’t there yet but nonetheless we took it as an opportunity to walk around a bit and have both sisters of mine get scared from a cat (yes they don’t like cats).  But soon enough Dudette made it and started setting up when we were just walking in.  The place was beautiful and all ours! We monopolized the place to the final extent, Vinny’s had provided us with lovely name badges (not that most of us needed them) but Dudette did the most awesome thing by placing comments underneath each one :P I was known as “The Sabyak Baby with Garfield Touches” (roughly translated as ‘The Tomboy baby with Garfield touches’).

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My Interview with The Fixtures Q8

December 30, 2011  |  Friends, My Life

Earlier this week, our good friend Salem from The Fixtures Q8 conducted an interview with me and published it on his blog.  Unfortunately I went on for too long but for those of you who want to know more about me and the blog head on over there and read it!

Read the Interview [Here]

Thanks Salem for the awesome Interview and for being amazing as always!

Blogger Friends Are Amazing!

October 12, 2011  |  Friends, Fun

To break my mourning posts a bit I thought I would share with you this truly amazing work of art made by a fellow blogger showcasing her favorite blogs not in any particular order! Our good friend Q8iya Down Under left me along with many of our colleague bloggers speechless by this beautiful art piece.



Thank you very much for making our days with this beautiful piece you should truly vectorize it and put it up somewhere to showcase it’s true beauty!

[via Q8iya Down Under]

When Bloggers Unite [The Belated Edition]

October 4, 2011  |  Events, Friends

This post is really really late, well not as late as the others but I feel that I should’ve written about this earlier (damn my laziness, yes Marzouq I said it I am lazy I know! :P)

Blogger Union

Anywho, last September on the 9th specifically both Lujain and I were invited to attend this insanely awesome gathering “The 2nd Bloggers Union” (The first happened in June when I was in New York so I wasn’t able to attend that) that was meant to unite the bloggers and not to announce new products or whatever.  Back when blogs were not insanely popular in the early 2000s Nibaq, Forza Q8, and a couple of other bloggers used to hold a gathering at Second Cup Cafe where they meet up every month to just hang out and talk about anything, but being a female blogger and sometimes we were a minority in the first blogging world we opted out of these events simply because we were shy or rather I was.

IMG 0909

Thanks to His from His & Hers, Q8Stig, and Omarker for setting up this awesome meet up where we got to meet Lana Al Resheed who offered us the Movenpick Royal Suites Building in the Free Trade Zone and our fellow bloggers.  There were many there and I got a chance to meet some new people such as OmarVloggable from 4RocknRollers as well as finally see N from Up Till One, Qortuba, among many other bloggers oh and not to forget the other person involved in Q8Blend.

IMG 0905

Small businesses offered us lunch and desert that day and I went crazy over Gelato Italiano because I simply love my Gelato! We had Kiwi Bakery, Crunchy, Mama Paulina juices and Pick-Yo.

IMG 0906

This gathering was so cozy it felt like we were sitting with family and not strangers, the awesome thing was that Q8Stig got to present us with an idea he had and asked for our opinions on how to work on it, changing the society view on Bloggers.  Most of the people out there feel that bloggers are living the best life there is with free stuff coming their way and free invites and so on, but that’s not true.  We get free stuff but it was only recently when social media became a tool for companies to get their messages and products out there and bloggers are the most hip way to do it.  The event was filled with fun activities (mainly that board where we get to type whatever we want :P) as well as a competition which was supposed to grant the winner a Blackberry Bold 9900 but instead that prize went to the winner of the last-minute raffle which was Blog Laish.  Both Lujain and I had a ton of fun and wish to see more of the bloggers in the next meeting.

Blogs that covered the event nicely: HIs&Hers, Qortuba Valley, 4RocknRollers, Kuwaitiful, 7ajidude, Q8Stig [P.S. Great minds think alike I didn’t remember that you used the same heading except after re-reading your post] and here as well, Reemas, FroyoNation Blog, Q8Blend, halloum, and 18Seven.

Thanks to His and Q8Stig for the awesome invite and to Kuwaitiful for providing us with amazing commentary during the game.  I am proud to be part of the Bloggers Union and wish to see more bloggers in the near future.